stamp duty

Turnbull should help the states switch stamp duty for land tax

It makes sense for the federal government to grease the wheels of federal-state tax reform, writes…. Rachel Ong, Curtin University and Gavin Wood, RMIT University Before the government considers company or personal income tax cuts, it should help the states replace property stamp duties with a broad based land tax argues the Australian Council of…

First Home Buyer's Guide to Stamp Duty

If you’re buying your first home one of the inevitable costs you’ll need to pay is stamp duty. This is a State based government tax on all property transactions paid by the purchaser. The amount you’ll need to pay is significant, but varies from State to State however first homebuyers can benefit from exemptions and concessions in…

The Vicious Circle of Stamp Duty

Few things have as detrimental an impact as stamp duty on household finances, according to the Housing Industry Association. This is based on the results contained in the HIA’s Summer 2015 edition of Stamp Duty Watch publication. During November 2015, the typical stamp duty bill nationally rose to $19,045 from $17,653 in June, an increase…