property tax

Understanding Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is one of those extra costs that is rather easy to forget when you’re buying property but can really add up to your total cost.  It is tempting to dismiss it when deciding what you’re willing to pay for your next Investment property but don’t fall into a trap. Depending on the property,…

Will There Be A Crackdown On Capital Gains Tax Concessions?

The Australian Financial Review reported that the Turnbull government was planning a crackdown on capital gains tax concessions for property investors in order to “seize the mantle” on housing affordability and provide revenue to help replace soon-to-be-abandoned budget cuts.  The government’s policy backflip was scheduled to be unveiled in the May budget and comes after…

The Tax Man Is Watching You

Currently A.T.O. is focusing on rental properties, and more specifically the common mistakes people make when claiming on them. The Australian Taxation Office is paying particular attention to:  higher than expected rental interest expense claims, and holiday homes that are not genuinely available for rent. They are warning property investors that if you are claiming…