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Ask the Expert [Video] - Are trusts the right vehicle for your property?

Setting up a trust can both protect your property and keep it in the family. But how do you know which trust is right for you? Watch as Ken Raiss and I discuss the benefit if a family trust when it comes to protecting your investment property. This week’s questions:  I read that successful investors control…

The legal hazards of being a home owner

The days of making a big claim against a local council when you trip and fall on a curb or gutter – because you were playing with your mobile phone as you were walking – are long gone.  In a landmark case some years ago, one famous judge heralded the change in trend in the…

What you need to know about the ‘cooling off period’

When you purchase a residential property, whether as an investment or your own home, there are certain standard conditions included in the Contract of Sale. The ‘cooling off period’ is one such clause, which essentially gives you the ability to rescind on the contract without forfeiting your deposit, so long as you provide written notice…