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Four ways an Australian housing bubble could burst

There’s been quite a bit of speculation over whether Australia has a property market bubble – where house prices are over-inflated compared to a benchmark – and when it might burst – According to housing, writes… Jenni Henderson, The Conversation and Wes Mountain, The Conversation There’s been quite a bit of speculation over whether Australia…

Is Sydney really at risk of a property bubble bursting?

Brace yourself…. After a surge in prices over the past five years, Sydney is facing a ‘housing bubble’ according to UBS Wealth Management’s latest Global Real Estate Bubble Index However, if I’ve read one property bubble story I’ve read a hundred. The media has been full of talk about whether the Australian property market is…

Macquarie Bank’s Estimates 7.5% Drop In Prices. Will The Property Bubble Burst?

Last week Macquarie Bank suggested that Australian house prices may fall as much as 7.5% over the next two years. Before we go any further, figures tell us Australian house values increased approximately 14.77% over the last two years, from $440,000 in August 2013 to $505,000 in August 2015. Relative to this increase, 7.5%…

Bubble, What Property Bubble? [video]

A number of property experts are quick to play down that we have a property bubble waiting to burst. In this video Lee Brooks from the Finance News Network gives an update on: Falling auction clearance rates The amount of stock on the property markets for sale The latest population figures and where our population is growing…

What property bubble trouble?

“I just read the property markets are going to crash. What should I do?” This was the gist of an email I received yesterday from a good client with significant property holdings. The media must be really getting to him, with all those property pessimists out there. But enduring economic trends are behind recent housing…

No housing bubble claim 81% of experts

The Reserve Bank Survey shows that 31 leading economists and experts unanimously expect no change to cash rate on Tuesday. While the official cash rate is expected to remain on hold on Tuesday, property hunters are being urged to brace for higher housing prices, according to the latest Reserve Bank Survey conducted by comparison website….

Is the Sydney Property Market in a Bubble That is Going to Burst?

Annual growth in the Melbourne market shot up to 8.18 per cent in the 12 months to May 2015, which is a dollar increase of about $55,000. The latest statistics on capital growth, rental return and sales are presented below. This is still a far cry from the Sydney median dollar growth of $160,000 in…