Michael Yardney

We’re fatter than we thought

Millions more Australians may be obese than previously thought, because the usual method of measuring obesity has dramatically underestimated the problem according to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald last year. Now before you point the finger…yes, I definitely fall into that category. Unfortunately I missed gym this morning. That makes 5 years in a…

The psychology of successful negotiation – Part 1: Applying life lessons to ‘close the deal’

Thoughtful and well-played negotiation is critical for buyers and sellers of real estate. In this two part series I will explain the intricacies of negotiation, because getting this aspect of your investment journey right can pay a number of dividends, whilst getting it wrong can have a costly, long-term impact on your property portfolio. And…

Nine costly financial mistakes you can correct before it’s too late

Successful investors learn as much from their mistakes as they do from their successes, whereas the average Australian seems to make the same financial errors over and over again, and wonders why things don’t change. To help place you in that successful group, let’s have a look at nine of the most common financial mistakes…