Fisher's Money Illusion

The price of fish I can remember playing junior rugby when a can of Coke after the game cost 10 pence and a packet of chips (or crisps as we say in England) cost even less. By the time I was at high school in Huddersfield (Yorkshire) the price of a can of Coke was…

Bursting Harry's Property Bubble

Oh Harry… what have you done now? No, not Prince Harry and those Vegas pictures, but Harry Dent – The Doom & Gloom Extraordinaire – who recently wrote in Forbes Magazine, and I quote: …the greatest housing bubble in developed-country cities starts with Brisbane, Australia… Excuse me whilst I look around to check if we…

Is gold a good investment?

I know I normally write about property, but as some readers of my blog hold other investments, I wanted to share some thoughts from Warren Buffett. Yahoo quotes Buffett and his thoughts on gold and those who worship it.

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