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The 80/20 rule in property investment

What could an Italian economist from a century ago have to do with successful investing today?  Vilfredo Pareto noted back in 1906 that some 80% of the land of Italy was owned by just 20% of the population. He then developed his principle by observing that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained…

Here's how to find locations that will outperform in the long term

Everyone knows that location is critical when selecting an investment property that will outperform. But what makes a good location and why are some locations better prospects than others? When I started investing around 40 years ago the emphasis for homebuyers was largely affordability and proximity to infrastructure. The outer fringes of our capital cities…

Will “walkable” suburbs outperform in the future?

You often hear location is paramount when choosing a great investment property.  But what makes a good location?  While a lot of factors come into play, easy access to facilities must be near the top of the list. Walking distance to transport, shops and the café lifestyle is one the strongest trends attracting buyers and…

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