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Why main roads are a real estate no-no

All investors know that location is one of the most critical components of any successful property investment. When long term capital growth is the sought after reward at the end of the real estate rainbow (as it always should be), it is vital that you not only find the best possible property, but the best possible…

I would have been a better property investor if I knew these 12 things earlier in life

Recently one of my children, who has suddenly taken an interest in property, asked me: “Dad you’ve been investing for a long time – If you could go back 40 years what would you have liked to know then that would have made you do things differently?” Now that’s a great question isn’t it? It made…

How much do you need in super to retire comfortably?

The majority of Australian baby boomers don’t have enough superannuation for a comfortable retirement and that’s a worry! So how much do you need in your super to retire comfortably? It may not surprise you that a research paper released by REST Industry Super showed that 74% of baby boomers have no idea how much money…

Should men or women control the investment purse strings?

When it comes time to make big financial decisions, research consistently shows that women more frequently hold the purse strings than men. While this is a positive finding, as women tend to make smart, thoughtful, informed financial decisions, it also has the potential to drop an anchor in your investment portfolio’s growth. If you’ve ever…

7 things that hold back many property investors

Why do people procrastinate when it comes to saving a deposit or investing in property? Intellectually, I suspect that most people know they should invest, but most people make very poor plans for their financial futures, if they even plan at all. Here are a few of the reasons why people delay investing: 1. Fear…

5 common mistakes investors make without a buyers agent

Now more than ever, investors have access to unprecedented amounts of information to help them make their property buying decisions. At the click of a button, you can review real estate sales data, capital growth history and rental statistic. It makes it easy to justify being a lone ranger in the hunt for your first…

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