Understanding the property investment cycle.

I’ve often said that until you have invested through a full property investment cycle, you won’t fully appreciate how the real estate market actually works. So if you’re a little confused about what’s currently happening in our property markets and keen to understand what’s going to happen to the value of your home or investments, I’m going to…

7 masterskills of wealthy property investors

Most Australians spend forty years or more preparing themselves for retirement, yet over 95% of them fail. They remain dependent on the government for their main source of income. However a small group of wealthy individuals reach financial freedom in a fraction of the time, many through strategic property investment. I’ve found these wealthy investors…

Now is the time for hesitant property investors to make a move

After a sluggish winter, spring brings hope of fresh movement in Australian property sales. According to the nation’s leading property, accounting and wealth financial advisory group, Chan & Naylor, this is a great time for those with investments in housing, but anybody hoping to join the property ladder down the line now has a conundrum…

Bursting Harry's Property Bubble

Oh Harry… what have you done now? No, not Prince Harry and those Vegas pictures, but Harry Dent – The Doom & Gloom Extraordinaire – who recently wrote in Forbes Magazine, and I quote: …the greatest housing bubble in developed-country cities starts with Brisbane, Australia… Excuse me whilst I look around to check if we…

3 tips to protect property investors in changing times

With ongoing uncertainty about the world’s economies and the fallout for Australia’s economy should China’s rapid development come to a screeching halt, it’s little wonder that some would-be property investors are shying away from our real estate markets at the moment. Consumer confidence is shaky and the thought of taking on a large mortgage is…

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