The root of Sydney and Melbourne’s housing crisis: we're building the wrong thing

By 2022, Sydney will need to provide housing for an additional 309,000 households, while Melbourne will need an additional 355,000 households. So why are we building flats, when it’s family-friendly dwellings we’ll need writes… Bob Birrell, Monash University As is well known, the shortage of affordable separate housing in Sydney and Melbourne means that most first…

Could Commodity Values Explain the Housing Market?

Commodities are a really interesting predictive tool. Research exists showing that current commodity prices can indicate future movements in anything from GDP growth, to something as specific as student enrolments in engineering courses. It makes sense then that commodities exported from Australia could provide insight into housing market movements. The relationship might be particularly distinct…

Darwin Housing Market Overview

Home values in Darwin surged earlier than most other capital cities in the current growth phase. In this, the seventh part of an 8 part series from Core Logic’s Quarterly Review of the Australian Residential Property Market and Economy we look at the Darwin Housing Market. Since values reached their low point they have increased significantly however, the…

Sydney Housing Market overview

Sydney home values have experienced the greatest increase of any capital city over the past year. In this, the first part of an 8 part series from Core Logic’s Quarterly Review of the Australian Residential Property Market and Economy we look at the Sydney Housing Market. The lift in home values has been supported by a reduction in…

Has the property investment market recovered -  or is it just temporary?

Based on daily movements in the aggregated RP Data-Rismark Home Value Index (updated daily at,, Bloomberg & Reuters) covering Australia’s five key  capital cities,  Australia’s housing market reached a recent trough on  May 30 of this year  after values peaked 1.5 years earlier and 7.7% higher.  Since the recent low point in the index, dwelling…

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