7 ways to bleed the banks dry

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about banks changing the goal posts making it harder for property investors to get loans. And while that’s true, there’s nothing really new about this. I remember not that long ago, in the years following the GFC, banks responded by removing many lending products from the market and…

The obvious and not-so-obvious problems with Hockey's bank deposit tax

A flat rate bank deposit tax could be distorting, and not for the reasons the banks suggest, writes… Andrew Schmulow, University of Melbourne The federal government has given itself until the end of the year to respond to the many recommendations contained within last year’s Financial System Inquiry report, but in one area it has…

Why do people really hate bankers?

It seems most of us hate bankers. But why? Is it because they make excessive profits? Is it their exorbitant salaries? Is it because they dodge paying tax? So why do we hate bankers…no really? By Rodney Maddock, Monash University In survey after survey bankers rank poorly on ethics and honesty. It’s not hard to…