Australian immigration

Chinese visitors more than double in 4 years

Long term migration steadies Net permanent and long term migration into Australia seems to be steadying, summimg +266,400 in the year to August, according to the latest ABS Overseas Arrivals and Departures figures. The number of permanent settlers per annum appears to be very gradually rising again, with 57.1 per cent of settlers hailing from…

More of us want a big Australia

A majority of Australians support higher immigration and an Australian population over 30 million according to Roy Morgan Research. Today 57% (up 22% since July 2010) of Australians support an Australian population of over 30 million in 30 years’ time – a stunning increase from only five years ago. Only 9% (down 15%) support a…

While immigration is slowing, Chinese dominate

The latest Overseas Arrivals & Departures figures showed rolling annual net permanent and long term migration into Australia slowing again in August to +285,990, which is the lowest figure since January 2011. …and the monthly data shows that the downtrend remains in place. This implies that annual population growth in Australia will continue to tick downwards to around +300,000…

Australia's stronger immigration - what it means for property investors

Economics commentator Michael Pascoe recently wrote an insightful article on Yahoo about Australia’s population growth. He explained how both sides of politics as well as the Reserve Bank all recognize that our population is going to have to increase significantly, yet no one really wants to talk about it.