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By Michael Yardney

Redefining Richness: Why Time Matters More Than Money

Do you think much about how you spend your time?

Or does your day just seem to fly past filled with tasks and other people’s priorities?

Controlled by others?


I recently read an article by Sahil Bloom that discussed who we spend our time with over the course of our lives.

The insights I got from this were simultaneously inspiring but also a little saddening.

I know I would do things differently if I had my time over and I bet you will also feel the same once you read the following and see the charts I have included from his article.

Bloom delves into the concept of time, emphasizing its precious and finite nature.

The core message is about embracing the passage of time, rather than avoiding it, a sentiment echoed by Steve Jobs in his famous Stanford commencement address where he highlighted the clarifying power of acknowledging mortality.

Bloom talks about our relationship with time across different stages of life and with different groups of people​​​​​.

Family Time

Bloom notes that time spent with family, particularly parents and siblings, peaks in childhood and sharply declines after age 20.

He urges readers to cherish these moments and to prioritize family time, understanding its limited nature​​.

Family Time


Bloom explains that time spent with friends peaks at age 18 and declines sharply to a low baseline.

In your youth, you spend a lot of time with a lot of friends. As you enter adulthood, you spend a little bit of time with a few close friends.

Friends Time


Time spent with your partner trends up until death.

The person you choose to confront life's ups and downs with will have the largest impact on your happiness and fulfillment.

In fact, I believe who you choose as a partner is the most important decision you'll ever make.

Partner Time

Children Time

Time spent with your children peaks in your 30s and declines sharply thereafter.

This time is especially fleeting, often referred to as the "Magic Years" so be fully present during these years and engage deeply with your children​.

There's a devastatingly short window of time during which you are your child's entire world. Don't blink.

Children Time

Coworker Time

Given that a significant portion of our adult lives is spent with coworkers, if you have a choice it is important to choose work and colleagues that add energy and meaning to our lives​.

Coworker Time

Alone Time

Interestingly, time spent alone increases throughout life, so embrace solitude and learn to find joy and fulfillment in your own company​.

Alone Time

The Paradox of Time

Distilling all of this into 6 key lessons:

  1. Family time is limited—cherish it.
  2. Friend time is limited—prioritize real ones.
  3. Partner time is significant—never settle.
  4. Children time is precious—be present.
  5. Coworker time is significant—find energy.
  6. Alone time is abundant—love yourself.

The problem is that despite understanding the value of time, many of us engage in activities that don't respect its importance.

So I encourage you to reflect on your relationships and make changes to prioritize the people who matter most.

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About Michael Yardney Michael is the founder of Metropole Property Strategists who help their clients grow, protect and pass on their wealth through independent, unbiased property advice and advocacy. He's once again been voted Australia's leading property investment adviser and one of Australia's 50 most influential Thought Leaders. His opinions are regularly featured in the media.
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