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Ready to pounce?

Are you ready to pounce now the market is providing you with some signals? 

Or, are you quietly freaking out?

Over the years that I’ve been trading, I’ve learned quite a few things about how successful traders and property investors operate.

Here are three facts that are at the front of every happy, well-adjusted and wealthy investor’s mind:

FACT #1: You’ll always be leaving a lot of money on the table.

No matter how great an investor you are, there’s always room to finesse your skills and make an even bigger difference to your lifestyle.

Focus on the basics, question everything, be ruthless in your approach, and become determined to be the best trader you can be.

FACT #2: If you’re a trader - Trend trading is where the money is.   Mind Set Rich Money Lesson Think Motivational Learn Teach Money 300x205

If you’re continually going against the trend, your days as a trader are numbered.

Develop your skills to detect a trend, and act without hesitation.

You will prosper, both this year and in the years to come.

Money management is essential, but if you’re continually going against the trend, not even the best stop system in the world will be able to help you.

FACT # 3: The best investors watch their scripts.

Your scripts about money and self-image alter incredibly during times of economic instability and you have experienced a sudden gain or loss. 

All of a sudden, after a bit of a shake-up, you end up questioning whether you are worthy of a big win, and even perhaps saying “Well... it doesn’t matter if I miss out on this rally, there will be lots of others”.

Think about where those ‘voices’ are coming from, and question their hold over your life.

Without the ability to question your own mind-set, you simply can’t make money over the long term.

If not now, then when?

If not you, then why not?

There are people making big money in the markets, right this second, and you have every right to claim your place, make your mark, and become a superb investor. Business Coach.

It will help you banish your poor self-talk patterns and develop your money scripts so that you can get out of your own way and bring in the rewards.

I know you’re going to love it.

There are a few techniques that we’ve only released to our Mentor Group in the past, but that we want you to get your hands on.

The greatest thing that the Mentor Program does is that it empowers traders.

It puts the power in their hands to shape and design their lives the way they choose.

We not only focus on the development of trading systems, but we also concentrate on developing people’s minds so they can make a killing on the markets.

If you want to rocket yourself forward, you have to find a way to get there.

One technique I can share with you is how to make your Money Scripts explicit, so you can spot any flaws in your own thinking.

This will make the world of difference to your trading results. read coffee note write

Depending on your upbringing, you may have different views on the value of money and what it can mean to you personally.

Often inspired from a religious basis, many traders inadvertently sabotage their own livelihood because of their view that money is evil.

This can be on an unconscious level as, even though we are surrounded by materialistic goals, some people allow statements to creep into their conversations that can be detrimental to their financial well being.

Have you ever heard that ‘Money is the root of all evil’, or if you see an expensive car driving past have you thought to yourself “They must be drug dealers”?

If so, your views about money may be seriously affecting your trading results.

Fix this, and you’re one step closer to living life on your own terms.

One of the simplest ways to stop these types of thoughts from affecting us is to make them explicit. Journal 791286 1920 (1)

Spit them out.

Articulate them.

By spelling out exactly what your beliefs are, you may be able to boost your awareness and then eventually diminish their hold over your life.

This exercise will help you do just this.

Print out this section of this article, and fill it in without thinking about each statement in great detail.

Alternatively, grab a notebook and fill in your answers.

Don’t just read about it.

Do it.

The people who are picking up a pen and about to fill this in right now have already set themselves apart from the mediocre masses.

Even if you think some of the areas discussed overlap, complete each statement shown.

Just use the first words that come into your head.

  • People who have money are:
  • My mother always told me that money:
  • If I had enough money I would:
  • Money tells people you:
  • I use money to:
  • Money allows you to: long-term-investment-acorn-tree-growth-plant-learn
  • If money was no object I would:
  • Money is:
  • Dad thinks money:
  • The best thing about money is:
  • The richest person I know made his/her money by:
  • Money comes to those who:
  • In my family, people who have money are:
  • Money can help:
  • The worst thing about money is:
  • People with money are:
  • If someone doesn’t have much money they are:
  • Enough money will let you:
  • If I had lots of money, people would:
  • My family thinks money:
  • Eventually, I hope to have enough money to:
  • The scariest thing about money is:
  • Money lets me:
  • I really want to use my money to:
  • My main influencer in the field of money is:
  • When I was a kid there was never enough money to:

Have a look at your list of thoughts about money.

Are there any themes evident that you feel may help or hinder your progress with trading?

Concept of money growing from coinsWhere did your thoughts about money come from?

Do you feel that any of these ideas are holding you back as a trader?

Take some time to detail your thoughts about money.

I can bet you that you’ve already had a few things fall into place because you’ve completed this exercise.

I know that some of these issues can be confronting, but your level of financial achievement will rarely exceed your level of self-development.

I realise that some of these emotional issues may be hard to face. However, we have a burning desire to help you become the best trader that you can possibly be.

We are willing to risk irritating, cajoling, or downright confronting you, in order to achieve the image of your future that you really want to come true.

So stick around, and seize control.

About Louise Bedford is a full-time private trader and author of several best-selling books. To pick up her ‘Trading Made Simple’ 5-part e-course, register on her website and she’ll send it to you straight away -
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