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[Podcast] Fearless living in challenging times with Rhonda Britten

[Podcast] Fearless living in challenging times with Rhonda Britten
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The general theme of my podcast is property investment, success, and money.

But today’s show is more about you.

If you’re like many Australians you’re sick of Covid, and by that, I don’t mean sick with Covid.

But sick of the limitations, the restrictions, the lockdowns, the inability to get on with your life or your investing, or your business. My Podcast #307 Fearless Living With Rhonda Britten 3

I know many of us are feeling angry, cross, or frustrated and that’s why today I’m having a chat with Rhonda Britten who is a repeat Oprah guest, a TEDx speaker and an Emmy award winner.

And even if you’re coping well with Covid you’ll love this chat today as I’m sure Rhonda will give you some ideas to make your life even better.

Rhonda Britten is not just another American “Rah Rah” motivational speaker, but she’s the real deal as you’ll find out in my chat with her today, so welcome to today’s show.

What Rhonda Britten has to say about fearless living

Rhonda presented 2 sessions for my team at Metropole over the last month and my team were so taken by her inspiring message I invited Rhonda to pass on her message to you through this podcast.

Currently, many of us are being challenged by lockdowns, restrictions and uncertainty.

This too shall pass, we know there is an end in sight and that’s most likely when 80% of Australians will be vaccinated.

But we’re not really sure of the timing of this and if life will really get back to normal, so how do we cope between now and then?

  • Rhonda’s history and why she’s qualified to give this kind of advice and information
    • Rhonda shares her traumatic personal history, how it affected her, and what led from that
  • Advice for Australians who are feeling that they’ve lost control of their lives
    • Understanding the importance of letting go of things that aren’t actually under our control
    • Releasing the things that we can’t control leaves room for us to take responsibility for what we can control
  • Whether fearless living is really possible
    • The importance of learning and identifying the ways that fear shows up in our lives
  • The Stretch, Risk, or Die exercise and what it’s for
  • Why it’s important to eliminated negative self-talk
  • How to move yourself forward
  • Rhonda’s favourite exercise, Acknowledgements
  • What we can do to better deal with anger
  • How anger can be in service to freedom


Michael Yardney

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Rhonda Britten – www.FearlessLiving.org

Download Rhonda Britten’s free guide – www.FearlessLiving.org/risk

Some of our favourite quotes from the show: Success

“We’re worried, we’re scared, we’re stressed, and we’re continuously bombarded by negative messages in the media.” – Michael Yardney

“I think the other thing is, a lot of people feel they’ve lost control over their lives.” – Michael Yardney

“Feelings are just energy, so you want to move that energy through you.” – Rhonda Britten


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