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By Michael Yardney

Why You Need To Change To Become Wealthy

Sometimes we love change and sometimes we hate it.

In fact, some of us love to change and others fear it.

Why is change difficult for many of us?

Because change makes us move out of our comfort zones.

It takes courage to leave something familiar and try something new.

One of the jobs of our subconscious mind is survival – to protect us.

It likes to keep things the same preferring safety and security over the untested and unproven.

Haven’t we all heard people say “Better the devil I know than the devil I don't know?"

We tend to believe that if we stick with what we know, with what is familiar, then we won't get hurt.

The problem is that in terms of wealth creation, it’s not what we know that’s holding many of us back.


It’s what we think we know that isn’t so that is holding us back

Many people are not totally happy and successful.

They are not as far advanced with their wealth creation as they would like to be.

They haven’t developed the financial freedom they deserve.

Yet they continue to do the same things over and over hoping somehow things will be different.

Think about it… if you keep doing the things you always did, you are going to keep getting the results you always got.

If what you've been looking for was where you've been looking, chances are you'd have already found it!

Doing more of the same even harder and longer is not usually the answer.

Being willing to change will usually create better results.

So what holds most of us back?

It’s our Wealth Operating System – our financial blueprint – the programming we received as a child.

As initially described by Wallace Wattles in The Science of Getting Rich and more recently by Harv T. Ekers in his great book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (a must-read for all property investors) –
Your Thoughts Lead to your Feelings – Your Feelings Lead to your Actions and Your Actions lead to your Results. 

It is no coincidence that your inner world creates your outer world.

The programming you received, usually as a child, leads to your thoughts, your fears, and your limitations about wealth creation today.

So one of the first steps in change is changing your thoughts

How do you think about money, success, and prosperity?

What do you say to yourself?

What is that little voice in your head saying?

For many of us, our thoughts revolve around fear, scarcity, and limitation.

The problem is that what you focus on expands.

If you think about fear, scarcity, and limitation – what do you achieve?


Your Thoughts Lead to your Feelings – Your Feelings Lead to your Actions and Your Actions Lead to your Results.

Many of us need to intentionally change our way of thinking.

We need to start thinking about prosperity, abundance and success to enable us to attract those very things.

Dream Thoughts

So why are we scared of change?

Why do we find it hard to change our way of thinking when change is natural?

In fact, the only constant in the world, the only thing you can absolutely count on, is change itself.

It’s because of our programming, our wealth operating system.

Yet most successful people all share one critical characteristic – the trait of adaptability.

They embrace change.

They look for opportunities to expand and learn.

Another common characteristic of successful people is that they have a mentor and they belong to a mastermind group.

If you continue to do the things you have always done, you will continue to get the results you have always achieved.

I believe it was Einstein who said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result."


So how can you change?

If you're serious about changing so you can grow your wealth and develop the financial freedom you deserve I suggest you join us at Wealth Retreat 2024 on the Gold Coast at the end of April, where I spill my guts about how I did it

At my annual Wealth Retreat, I give you the blueprint that I have used for successfully building a multi-million dollar property portfolio.

This is a training event - there is nothing to sell in the back of the room - no expensive courses and definitely no properties for sale.

We'll be holding Wealth Retreat 2024 on the Gold Coast from April 27th to May 1st.

Click here now and get all the details, express your interest in joining us and we'll be in contact with you to have a qualification interview with me.

If you are serious about finding your passion, and...

If you want to learn how to grow your lifetime wealth, you must join us at Wealth Retreat 2024.

The high-level topics we discuss won’t be found in books blogs or podcasts.

This year’s broadened curriculum will include the little-known (and rarely talked about) success philosophies, beliefs, thinking and behaviours as well as the advanced investment, finance, share market, business, structuring and tax strategies that allow multi-millionaire investors to attract maximum wealth!

You will have the opportunity to network with a group of like-minded investors, businesspeople and entrepreneurs while discovering how to build a true property investment business.

Wealth Retreat will cover the 5 areas that help create true wealth.

  1. Knowledge - we will be sharing "high-end" wealth creation, business and tax strategies. We have Australia’s leading faculty of property, tax, finance, superannuation and legal experts.
  2. Systems - we obviously believe in property as the best system for creating wealth and we will discuss advanced property strategies such as property development. Plus we will show you advanced wealth creation and business growth systems.
  3. Mindset - this part is critical and probably the one where attendees can get the most leverage. In previous years we expanded the delegates' Wealth Operating Systems (the way they think) so that they were receptive to a whole raft of new concepts - and judging by the results - it worked.
  4. The right network of people - we will be a big mastermind group. Some great joint ventures were formed at Wealth Retreat last year. In business, it’s not what you know. In fact, it's not even who you know, it's often who you know knows. This is not a typo! Wouldn't you like to have access to the names in my Outlook contact list?
  5. Contribution - one of the true benefits of wealth is being able to contribute to our community and the world in general.

So in summary...

This 5-day retreat will be for successful business people, entrepreneurs and investors, who want to get to the next level, form a large mastermind group and learn high-end wealth creation, tax strategies and business concepts from highly successful and credible presenters.

It’s for people who want to build a true property investment business.

The numbers are genuinely limited- we keep the numbers small on purpose.

All prospective attendees are interviewed to ensure they can benefit from attending and to make sure we selecting the right people to be part of our mastermind network, especially as we hope to facilitate some joint ventures or partnerships with a few of the attendees as we did in the past.

Remember the event is 5 days in the presence of some of the sharpest minds in wealth creation in Australia today including top tax accountants, business experts and solicitors.

It also includes networking with the best mastermind group we can put together in Australia - this will be one of the most important elements of this event. Just imagine the networking possibilities.

Don't count yourself out!

Click here and express your interest and I'll speak with you personally and I'll explain my personal guarantee.

So put me to the test. There is next to no risk on your part - except what you think is missing if you don’t attend!

About Michael Yardney Michael is a director of Metropole Property Strategists who help their clients grow, protect and pass on their wealth through independent, unbiased property advice and advocacy. He's once again been voted Australia's leading property investment adviser and one of Australia's 50 most influential Thought Leaders. His opinions are regularly featured in the media.
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