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By Michael Yardney

How to know if you’re on the right or the wrong path

We’ve all had those sliding-door moments when we wonder what things would have been like had we chosen another path in life.

Deep down it’s because we know that the right path makes all the difference. Road 1303617 1920

It’s the one that leads to success, whereas the wrong path can lead to a cul-de-sac – a kind of going around in circles – or worse, you can end up at a dead end.

So you may have wondered from time to time which path you’re on.

The right one or the wrong one?

Here is how you can tell....

Here are 5 signs you’re on the right path

1. You feel alive. 

When you’re on the right path, you’ll feel engaged with what you’re doing and it’s often described by some people as feeling “alive”.

Your skills are being put to use and you feel like all of you is participating fully in what you’re doing.

It’s the opposite of going through the motions.

2. You’re stimulated. 

Boredom is never a good sign and when you’re on the right path you will feel intellectually challenged.

There will be a feeling that you’re growing from the experience and learning as you go.

3. You’re going somewhere.  

Being on the right path doesn’t necessarily mean it’s smooth, but it does have to lead you somewhere. success work hard

You can’t expect wins all the time but you should expect progress, whether that’s learning from a mistake and moving forward or notching up career wins.

4. You have a high tolerance threshold. 

If you’re doing what you should be doing you’re unlikely to fly off the handle or take things to heart.

You’re not quick to snap at people or become intolerant because your values are aligned with what you’re doing and you’re not easily rattled.

5. You have the bigger picture in mind.

But here are 4 signs that you’re on the wrong path

1. You hate what you do.tired work stress

It’s impossible to love what you do all day every day, but most days should be enjoyable.

Life is not meant to be a paradise, but it shouldn’t always be hard or boring either.

If you’re regularly dissatisfied, it might be time for some soul searching.

2. You feel frustrated. 

Perhaps you find yourself getting frustrated over little things and don’t know why?

Maybe superficial things annoy you?motivation job work success hard

It could be a sign of a deeper anger at where your life is heading.

3. Your skills aren’t being used.  

Think about what you’re good at and then ask yourself whether most of those skills are being used.

If they’re not, then, chances are you’re not on the right path.

That's because research consistently tells us that human beings get the most enjoyment out of life when they’re doing what they’re good at.

4. You’re jealous of others’ achievementsperson-people-personality-mind-happy-sad-angry-psychology-think-man

If you find yourself unable to celebrate your friends or colleagues’ successes then that’s an alarm bell.

When we’re not following our own dreams we find it very hard to watch other people follow theirs and succeed.

A little bit of jealousy is normal, but if it stops you from being happy for the person then it’s a sign that something is wrong.

The above points aren’t an exhaustive list, and at the end of the day, only you can really know if you’re on the right path.

But the thing to remember is that the right path shouldn’t be easy.

Often it won’t be but it should engage you.

And those are two very different things.

About Michael Yardney Michael is the founder of Metropole Property Strategists who help their clients grow, protect and pass on their wealth through independent, unbiased property advice and advocacy. He's once again been voted Australia's leading property investment adviser and one of Australia's 50 most influential Thought Leaders. His opinions are regularly featured in the media.
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