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How to obtain more finance in the current lending environment [VIDEO] - featured image
By Michael Yardney

How to obtain more finance in the current lending environment [VIDEO]

It’s no big secret that it’s harder to get a loan today. 

And it seems the more investment properties you own, the harder it is to meet bank’s serviceability criteria. Hands of businessman

APRA have made things more difficult and more recently the Banking Royal Commission has made the banks allergic to risk

However, despite these regulatory interventions, that doesn’t mean that finance deals aren’t being done.

I recently had a chat with finance strategist Andrew Mirams of Intuitive finance and recorded a special video for the attendees of Welath Retreat 2018, but as this topic is critical for so many property invetsors, I wanted to now share the following video with all the subscribers to my newsletter…

And the good news is the banks are still open for business, you just have to understand the new rules

How to obtain more finance in the current market

Watch as we discuss:

  1. What is the current lending environment like? Are the banks open for business? Recession Australia Note Money Economy Squeeze Tighten Save Saving Budget Cut 300x200
  2. How the banks are looking at serviceability today – it has changed
  3. Which borrowers are being disadvantaged
  4. How does all this affect business owners
  5. What is the current attitude to lending to trusts or to an SMSF
  6. How to decide P&I or interest only loan
  7. Other than rates what should I look for in my loan
  8. Will it become harder or easier for investors to borrow with the follow on from the Banking Royal Commission?

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