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How to Hack the Power of Habits [INFOGRAPHIC] - featured image
By Mark Creedon

How to Hack the Power of Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve all adopted daily habits that save us time and help us manage our schedules.

You may arrive at work every morning by 7 a.m. and with the same to-go latte, then plan your team meetings for early afternoon. Build Good Habits

These are things you do as a routine and you don’t have to spend any brainpower making decisions.

Habits are wonderful tools for productivity, but bad ones can break your focus and the bank.

You may have started staying late and the office and start wondering what you’re going to grab for dinner on the way home.

It’s a quick solution when you have a lot on your plate, but it isn’t very budget-friendly and can become a drain on your mental health, leading to burnout.

Bad habits can be difficult to break.

A better solution is to redirect your bad habits for a positive change.

Understanding how your brain develops and depends on habits can help you discover what triggers your habit and its rewards.

This gives you the opportunity to stop the automation and develop healthier habits.

Of course, Michael Yardney and Tom Corley have written their international best selling book Rich Habits Poor Habits which explains this in detail, and here’s an infographic from Turbo that explains habit formation so you can use the power of habits to maintain your budget and productivity.



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