How to become famous as a success

Michael – you’re the leading expert in wealth creation through property – How did you achieve this?

Well…that’s the question I was asked by Mark in a one on one chat with a member of my Mentorship program.   success

I was flattered by his comments and as we discussed this more I discovered that Mark wanted to become the “Best in the World” in his field.

So I shared some of the concepts I’m about to share with you.

You see…my Mentorship Program is not just about becoming the best property investor you can be.

And while I focus on the Science of Becoming Wealthy, my program is really about becoming the best you can be in all arenas of your life.

You can find out all about my 12 month Mentorship Program by clicking here.

So how do you get to the top of your field?

I’ve heard it said:

Average performers work hard to fit in.

Top Performers work really, really hard to stand out.

Anyway…here’s some of the suggestions I gave Mark to help him become the leading expert in his field:

  1. Find the right mentors then model the mindset, habits and behaviors of the people performing at the level you want to play at.
    Surround yourself with as many top performers and experts in your field as you can possibly network with. 
  2. Fail early. You’ll learn more from your mistakes that you will form your successes. So every time you stumble study what went wrong, recalibrate and move on.
  3. Read all you can about your chosen field.
    If you read a book a week and carefully study it’s contents, by the end of the year you’ll know more about your chosen field than 99% of the population.
  4. Becoming and expert takes time and practice. In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell wrote that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to make an expert. Put in the time and out will come the expert.
  5. Move outside your comfort zone. Successful people relentlessly push their talents past what’s comfortable, their talents quickly expand.
  6. Play to win versus playing to avoid failing. Top performers (in every field) have a tendency to pursue their idealized image of excellence while average performers behave in a way designed to avoid making mistakes.success invest
  7. Get a good team around you. Form a Mastermind with like minded people and be prepared to pay for good consultants, advisors and mentors. Having advisors is not an expense , it’s an investment.
  8. Don’t compare your chapter 1 with someone else’s Chapter 21 – success takes time (but it also leaves clues.)
  9. Understand that becoming an expert isn’t easy (otherwise everyone would be doing it). But it’ll be truly worth it.
  10. Join the 5.00 am club. While correct diet, exercise and adequate sleep are essential for peak performance, all the successful people I know get up early and spend some time reflecting, feeling gratitude and planning their day and then get an hour or two’s work in before the others get started.

Mark is already on his way to becoming even more successful – I know because I’ve had the privilege of working with him over the last year or so as he’s part of my Mentorship Program

If you want to move to the next level in your life, in your business or in property why not have me as your mentor?

You can find out all about my 12 month Mentorship Program by clicking here.


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