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Here’s how much time you have in your life – in Jelly Beans [video] - featured image
By Michael Yardney

Here’s how much time you have in your life – in Jelly Beans [video]

The challenges of this year have made many of us appreciate life differently.

It has made us grateful for many things we took for granted.

And the recent death of a close friend made me appreciate the time I have left.

It's funny how things work … The same time I came across this fascinating video which breaks down the time we have in our life counted by jellybeans.

It's definitely worth spending less than 3 minutes watching it.

Then, spend your time - wisely ...

The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)

  • It starts with 28,835  Jelly Beans - one for the average number of days we live.
  • If you count the Jelly Beans you'll have 5,475 for the first 15 years of your life which brings you to adulthood.
  • On average, in adulthood we will be:
    • asleep for 8,477 days
    • eating or preparing food for 1,635 days
    • at work for 3,302 days
    • commuting or travelling for 1,099 days
    • watching television in one form or another for 2,676 days
    • attending to household chores etc 1,576 days
    • caring for the needs of others - friends and family- for 564 days
    • bathing, grooming etc for 671 days
    • attending community activities (religious, charities etc) for 720 day

Spend your time...wisely

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