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By Michael Matusik

Future rental demand

I wrote about demographics a month ago – back when the world was a far less turbulent place. Rent

That post featured the following table showing the total size of the Australia market by housing buyer segmentation.

And I explained that there will be a need to build more homes over the next decade than the last ten years.


What about rental demand?

Several followers asked me if I had similar figures for the rental market.

And yes, I do. See the table below.

Rental Demand

There is a need to build more rental properties over the next decade than the last ten years.

That lift is close to 40%.

This demand has also shifted.

We will need more rental accommodation to cater for young renters, people in their mid-30 and mid-50s and also for those in the last stage of life.

The young want to live near the action but will share accommodation.

The demand for communal rental housing solutions is already on the rise and this need is expected to grow. More build-to-rent product is on its way.

Many of the older renters will want better quality digs. They are after this type of stuff.

Some of our aged folks who need to rent might be best housed ‘at home’ with their children.

The same applies to many younger renters too, this time renting from their parents in either an investment property or at home.

About Michael Matusik Michael is director of independent property advisory Matusik Property Insights. He is independent, perceptive and to the point; has helped over 550 new residential developments come to fruition and writes his insightful Matusik Missive
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