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By Louise Bedford

Feeling Grateful

14958255 - sunflower sprout on blue sky background horizontalI’m sitting here really early this morning.

The sky outside is a blazing brilliant blue, like the colour you’d find in a kid’s Derwent coloured pencil collection.

The morning sun is ricocheting off the pool creating a rainbow of gorgeous moving water reflections on my office walls.

I starting to get a bit nostalgic and a bit sentimental, so I thought I’d take a break from looking at my charts and tap out a little message to you.

You see – I’m feeling really grateful this morning.

I’m grateful that my terrific business partner, Chris Tate and I, share such a great sharemarket oriented friendship. 

I’m grateful to the fabulous traders that I’ve had the pleasure of training throughout the past 18 years I’ve been running the Mentor Program.

I can feel my step lighten every time I think of my special Mentorees and everything they are achieving through trading for themselves as well as their families.

I’m grateful to the hundreds of thousands of traders who have received these free blog articles or bought my books and products over the past 20+ years too.

Even if many of them decided not to trade in the way that I trade, to feel that I have influenced their lives in some small way warms my heart.

I’m even grateful to those readers who decided that trading isn’t for them, because they would have reached that conclusion through reading, without having to endure the sharemarket’s harsh discipline of extracting money mercilessly from the non-committed trader.

So, in an indirect way, I revel in the thought that I've saved them the cost of accumulated losses.

The longer I have been trading, the more humble I have been forced to become.

I do not consider myself to be a great trader. interesting articles

If I was ever tempted to feel this way then I am probably likely to be on the brink of making a catastrophic trading mistake.

Writing books is an interesting sideline for me.

It is not my primary source of income (Popular novelists get paid well, good technical writers do not).

Above all though, I’m so damn grateful that I escaped my past life where I was falling into the trap of immersing myself in the corporate way of living, not realising that it was stripping me of my youth and melting away my enthusiasm for my own passions and goals.

It's just so easy to fall into the materialistic trap of buying heaps of things to impress people that you don't really like because of 'my position in the company'.

Futile and a waste of time - but more common than we realise.

All of these thoughts fill my mind this morning.

I’m bursting at the seams with awareness.

I love times like this where you get just a fleeting glimpse of your true purpose in life and where you get to see things oh so very, very clearly.

Even if things aren’t quite so rosy for you right now, think about what you have to be grateful for. balance

By just spending a few minutes reading this blog every day, it lifts your spirits and puts you right back in touch with who you really are - including your passions, your priorities, and your goals for the future.

Spend some time realising how far you’ve come and all of the incredible things that await you, just around the corner, scattered ahead of you like emeralds on velvet - yours for the taking.

Grab just a few minutes right now to consider all of the things that you have to be grateful for.

Because, when you think about it - if you woke up this morning, you’ve got at least something to be grateful for, haven’t you?

Anyway, I’d better stop now before I lose my 'hard-nosed-trading-chick' image.

This day is just too beautiful to waste and my pool beckons.

About Louise Bedford Louise Bedford is a full-time private trader and author of several best-selling books. To pick up her ‘Trading Made Simple’ 5-part e-course, register on her website and she’ll send it to you straight away -
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