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Here’s how a Labor win would affect your property investments | THINK TANK

No one likes paying more tax.

With the odds shortening for a Shorten government it's important for real estate investors to understand how a Labor win could affect their property investments. Land Tax

Did you know you’ll have to pay up to 6 extra taxes if Labor comes to power?

Now I recognise that I have to pay my fair share of tax, and in fact I do, but I recently realised that if Bill Shorten becomes our next Prime Minister millions of Australians will have to pay higher taxes.

And he’s not just after “greedy property investors.”

If Labor has its way Australians will be amongst the highest taxed people in the world.

Watch this 20 minute Think Tank as Ken Raiss and I discuss some of the tax hikes the Labor Party is proposing

Did you know you’ll have to pay these 6 extra taxes if Labor comes to power? | THINK TANK

Here are some of the tax hikes the Labor Party is proposing
  1. The top tax rate would rise to 49%
  2. A higher tax on capital gains
  3. Limiting Negative Gearing
  4. Retiree tax
  5. Taxing distributions from discretionary trusts
  6. Superannuation changes

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Thanks Steve - well said!

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Thanks Michael and Ken.the podcast on Labor's plan to increase various taxes should go to all political parties and groups supporting seniors. No wonder people and "mum and dad"average income investors are sick of long standing policies on property t ...Read full version

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