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Bitcoin reaches all-time high: 18% of Australians now own cryptocurrency, - featured image
By Greg Hankinson

Bitcoin reaches all-time high: 18% of Australians now own cryptocurrency,

Do you own any cryptocurrency?

For those who own Bitcoin, the most popular coin, the good news is that Bitcoin has reached an all-time high. Bitcoins On Smartphone

The price of Bitcoin has surged to a record high of over $89,088 (AUD) while in 2015, one Bitcoin was worth $450.

According to the Finder Cryptocurrency Adoption Index, Australia ranks 3rd out of 22 countries for cryptocurrency ownership.

Some interesting points:

  • Nearly 1 in 5 (18%) Australian adults currently own cryptocurrency, up from 13% in a similar survey conducted in March.
  • According to Finder’s Crypto Adoption Index, Bitcoin is the most popular coin (12%), followed by Ethereum (7%) and Cardano (5%).
  • According to Finder's latest Bitcoin Price Predictions Report, Bitcoin is expected to surpass the US$80,000 (AUD$106,466) mark in 2021.
  • Now is the time to buy BTC, according to 46% of panellists, while an additional 46% say it’s time to HODL (hold on for dear life) and just 8% say it’s time to sell

 James Edwards, cryptocurrency expert at Finder explains:

“Australia has one of the highest cryptocurrency ownership rates among the 22 countries included in our study, behind only Malaysia and Nigeria.

Australia also topped the list for the highest percentage of people who own Cardano at 5%, well above the global average of 2%.

Crypto ownership in Australia is substantially higher now than earlier this year. We conducted a similar study in March which found that 13% of Australians owned cryptocurrency.

In just seven months we’ve seen an increase of five points.”

Percentage of adults who own cryptocurrency:

  1. Nigeria (24%)
  2. Malaysia (18%)
  3. Australia (18%)
  4. Indonesia (17%)
  5. Hong Kong (16%)
  6. Singapore (16%)
  7. India (15%)
  8. The Philippines (13%)
  9. Mexico (12%)
  10. The United States (10%)
  11. South Africa (10%)
  12. Brazil (10%)
  13. Canada (10%)
  14. Ireland (8%)
  15. Sweden (8%)
  16. Colombia (8%)
  17. Germany (8%)
  18. Russia (7%)
  19. New Zealand (7%)
  20. The United Kingdom (5%)
  21. Norway (5%)
  22. Japan (5%)

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