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Eliza holds a first class honours degree in economics from the University of Sydney and is a regular on Backchat on FBI Radio, and have been a guest speaker on Triple J’s Hack, 702 ABC Radio, Sky News and at TEDxYouth Sydney. Her property market commentary has appeared in The Guardian Australia, the Australian Financial Review, Pedestrian TV and the Daily Telegraph. Eliza specialises in Commercial property, construction and the residential property market.

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Turning Tides in China’s Forex Reserves Could Leave Australia Awash With New Investment

Foreign exchange (forex) reserves in China increased for the fourth consecutive month in May 2017. It is the longest growth period in Chinese forex in almost three years.  If the trend continues, Chinese financial regulators may ease capital controls currently inhibiting foreign direct investment. Central banks use forex reserves to offset currency depreciation when the…

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3 Unique Housing Insights From the 2016 Census

The 2016 Census data reveals how people are dealing with unaffordable housing in the capital cities. While wage growth sits at a record low 1.9% against higher costs in basic needs like housing and health, and consumer confidence hits a 12 month low of 96.23, it is no wonder that people are paying more attention…

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Why Retirees are Reluctant to Downsize

When taking a holistic approach to what makes house values rise, retirement costs are an obvious contributor. I have argued that because of favourable tax treatment and finance structures, housing presents an appealing investment for individuals who are facing health and aged care costs. This could be part of why investment in housing has increased…

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35 years of Sydney’s property evolution – 1980-2015 [video]

Here’s a short video to help investors understand the history of the Sydney property market. analysis of historical house price data has revealed just how high Sydney’s property prices have soared in the last 35 years, pinpointing the suburbs that have seen the most median value growth since 1980. The research revealed that eastern suburb Bellevue Hill was…

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November Residex Property Market Update

Australian house and unit markets generally performed well over the October quarter, with the median house value increasing 3.05% over the quarter and unit growth of 1.06% in the same period, according to the Residex non-revised median valuation figures. Growth was likely driven by a combination of low interest rates, relatively positive economic indicators and…