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By Michael Yardney

As I got older I realised these 33 things

As we get older we get wiser. least that's the idea, isn't it?Road To Success

Here's a great list I found on Twitter.

I wish I was smart enough to have come up with this great list I found on Twitter from Vala Afshar

As I got older I realised these 33 things:

  1. Lost money can be found; lost time is lost forever
  2. Learning to learn, and changing yourself is a superpower
  3. You are not your job.
  4. Networking is about giving
  5. The best teacher is your last mistake
  6. Good manners as important as good education
  7. Do not take your health for granted
  8. Be a better friend and value relationships
  9. If you are waiting for a title to lead, you are not ready to lead
  10. A sponsor is more important than a mentor
  11. A good story is soulful with a sprinkling of data
  12. Stop worrying about what others think of you
  13. If you want an easier life, work on harder problems
  14. Best teachers are lifelong students
  15. Imposter syndrome is realSuccess Property
  16. Fight against a sense of entitlement
  17. Half the battle is showing up
  18. Love and cherish your parents by giving them your time
  19. Success is not accidental
  20. The best views are there for those who love the climb
  21. Lucky people work harder
  22. Takers may end up with more, but givers sleep better at night
  23. Memorising is not learning
  24. It is okay to look back, just don’t stare
  25. Knowing is not acting
  26. Straight roads do not make great drivers
  27. Good listeners hear the unsaid
  28. Be the person that you want to follow
  29. Do not limit your contribution to a job description
  30. Take care of your parents - the best gift that you can give yourself
  31. Customer service is not a department
  32. In the long run, the optimists do more
  33. Never ruin an apology with excuses

Source: a series of tweets by Vala Afshar

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'These 33 things' are well worth posting on my office wall! Thank you for sharing.

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