20 things successful people don’t do

Have you ever wondered what successful people do to become…well..successful?

Be they business people, entrepreneurs or property investors their success is caused by all the things they have chosen to do and all the things they have chosen NOT to do.

Lifehack listed 20 habits that successful people make it a point to consciously avoid.

1. They Don’t Define Success With Money

Most successful people define their success with happiness, inner peace, and positive contributions – more than money.

Being financially secure certainly can help open opportunities, relieve stress, and offer some piece of mind.success

But successful people realize that all the money in the world cannot make you happy if you are unable to feel happiness from within.

2. They Don’t Start Their Day Without a Purpose or a Plan

Not only do successful people have crystal clear short and long-term goals, they also know exactly what they must accomplish each day to feel fulfilled as well as bring them closer to their goals.

They know that what you do mentally, physically, and spiritually during this first hour, sets the tone for the entire day.

3. They Don’t Set Perfection as a Goal

Successful people practice progress over perfection.

The danger in focusing on perfection is, you become so consumed in finding imperfections to fix, you will have little or nothing to show for in the end except unfinished, imperfect work.

4. They Don’t Surround Themselves With Negative People

It’s fairly easy to absorb negative energy when you are around toxic people who are always complaining, procrastinating, and making excuses.

Instead, successful people surround themselves with other positive and proactive people who inspire them to achieve great things and live full out.

5. They Don’t Focus on the Negatives

Successful people don’t entertain self-defeating negative thoughts.

When faced with difficulties, they’re quick to identify the benefits from the experience and remind themselves they’ve successfully overcome many hurdles before, so they can certainly overcome it again.

Successful people don’t focus on what “could” go wrong, but on what they must do to succeed, as well as the lessons they will gain from the experience to help improve their lives.

6. They Don’t Dwell on Failures

Successful people accept that failure is an essential part of growth.

They look at these bumps as opportunities to learn, grow, and become even better for an even bigger win ahead!

They know that no matter how many times you’re knocked down, as long as you get right back up and use your new strength and knowledge to improve, you haven’t really failed.

7. They Don’t Dwell in Problems

When you focus on the problems you’re facing, your behavior agrees with the resulting stress, hindering your progress while bringing on even more problems.

However, focusing on actions to better your current situation produce clarity and positive thoughts, opening you to the possibilities of new solutions.

8. They Don’t Concern Themselves With How Others Judge Them

Successful people do not base their worth on how others think of them because they’ve set their own values, goals, and principles without having to depend on anyone to validate them.

Everyone sees through eyes of personal life experience and individual interpretation.

9. They Don’t Make Excuses

Successful people are proactive – they get things done.

10. They Don’t Get Jealous Over Other People’s Victories

Successful people believe that there is enough supply of “wins” for everyone.

They know that the more successful and happy people there are on our planet, the stronger, more positive energy our world will be filled with. !

11. They Don’t Take Their Loved Ones for Granted

Successful people agree that work is important, but never as important as experiencing life with the people you love most.

12. They Don’t Underestimate the Power of Fun happy

Successful people know how to relax and have fun. What’s the point of all the hustle if you’re always left feeling exhausted and frustrated?

13. They Don’t Neglect Their Health

Successful people are aware that unless they’re mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, they cannot perform at their very best when serving those who count on them.

14. They Don’t Set Blurry Goals

Successful people set clear, specific, and measurable goals.

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve keeps you motivated until you get there, and crafting a clear plan of action helps declutter your thoughts and relieve some stress as you move towards the results you want.

15. They Don’t Make Flimsy Decisions

Successful people decide what they want, then burn the boat. Once they make a decision, they set their minds to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

16. They Don’t Allow Themselves To Be Victimised

When affected by someone else’s poor choices, successful people quickly process any negative thoughts and feelings, then choose to free themselves from the damaging energy by forgiving and letting go.

17. They Don’t Live in the Past goal image

Successful people realise the past has already happened and that moment no longer exist.

If you keep dwelling in what was, you will be unable to fully be present for what is, thus negatively affecting what’s to come.

If you suffered in the past, try to recognize that you are here today, and you are OK.

Your past does not define you or limit what is possible for you to achieve from this moment on.

Practice your freedom and power to proactively design a better future that you so deserve.

18. They Don’t Resist Change

Plans, strategies or tactics might change, but instead of getting upset and frustrated, successful people quickly shift paths because they know there is more than one way to reach their goal.

19. They Don’t Stop Learning

Successful people have mentors or coaches to inspire and motivate them when challenged, and keep them accountable to their decisions and goals.

They are always learning and keep themselves open to making improvements in themselves and their lives.

20. They Don’t End The Day Without Giving Thanks

Successful people are grateful for both the big and small blessings in their lives.

Reflecting on the positive things from each day before going to bed can boost your mood, motivate you to keep going, and help you unwind.


Read more at Lifehack


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