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14 things you could do each morning to make your day better

Over the years I've developed an early morning routine to help kick start my day and put me in the right frame of mind.

I think of 3 things I am grateful for because I know an attitude of gratitude is a great way to start the day and I go for a walk ( well I do on at least 5 out of 7 days.)

Here's a list of 14 simple things you could do after waking up that should make your day better courtesy of Lifehacker.

1. Write A Short Note In Your Journal

The morning stillness, the quiet moments before dawn are often the most unique moments of the day.journal-791286_1920

Doing some sort of journaling, or mind emptying, at that time can be magical.

It creates a flow that, somehow, perpetuates itself along the hours, like a red string, keeping you aware and awake.

It doesn’t have to be complex.

Simply, empty your mind in your notebook for five minutes, as soon as you wake up.

As simple as it may seem, it really makes your day better.

2. Get Rid Of A Useless Object

There is no better moment to do that than in the morning.

Clear your house, clear your closet, clear your mind.

Throwing away a useless object creates a state of clarity and a subtle feeling of being lighter.

Now, the object must be really useless, otherwise you will end up throwing away your entire house.

3. Meditate 10 Minutesrelaxation-1967892_1920

I cannot stress enough the benefits of meditation.

Our mind, as useful as it is for understanding the universe, can also create a lot of trouble, if left unattended.

Learning to tame the mind and make it a faithful servant is one of the most important habits you can create.

Do this by meditating in the morning.

It will set the entire day on a much crispier and more comfortable path.

4. Exercising Really Makes Your Day Better

Imagine your body is a huge battery holding up energy.

Now, imagine how shaking up a battery will make it produce more energy.

That’s what happens when you exercise.

You create more energy and store it into your muscles.

Not to mention that your brain also creates and delivers endorphins.

This energy will benefit you throughout the day.

5. Think At Someone You Love–Intently  

Imagine your loved one waking up and starting the morning with a smile.

Keep that thought for a while.

The mere thought of that person will lighten up your soul.

It may even draw that person to you.

6. Thank Someone For Something

Saying “thank you” is underrated.

Now, you may have trouble finding a person to say thank you to just after you wake up.

I know I did.

In these cases, write a “thank you” letter.

You don’t need to send it, only write the words and leave it there.

If you’re appreciative first thing in the morning, you’re inviting more opportunities into your life.

7. Learn A New Word game-768514_1280

If you’re learning a foreign language, that works great.

Even if you’re not, learning a new word in your mother tongue daily can be fun and relaxing.

You may find yourself repeating that word during the day, or somehow stumbling upon it in a magazine or in a casual conversation.

You may also pick the word you want to learn with a night before which will “set up a theme” for the following day.

It really works.

8. Visualize 3 Moments From The Day To Come

This is a very powerful exercise.

You must identify and define the moments you want to experience.

This can be extremely beneficial.

However, if you also try to visualize yourself actually doing what you decided to do, it will add magnitude to the whole thing.

I often find myself in moments almost identical with what I visualized in the morning.

9. Take A Walk

Take a stroll in the quiet, fresh air of the morning. beach-1239498_1280

No pressure, no thoughts, no worries.

Move around your neighborhood and be.

A quiet morning walk can be cleansing.

The personal space I create with that walk is very powerful.

Don’t take my word for it.

Try it for yourself.

10. Have A Glass Of Natural Juice

Drink juice instead of your normal breakfast.

This will bring more “freshness” to your morning routine and it will improve your health.

Experiment for a while to find the type of juice that works best for you.

Oranges and apples are a delicious mix.

If you’re really adventurous, you may even replace your morning coffee with this glass of natural juice.

11. Cuddle Your Pet Or Partnerdog loyal woman friend pet fun walk

There are some studies that states we need at least 8 hugs a day to properly function at the emotional level.

From that point on, your energies will be interweaved during the entire day.

If you don’t have a spouse, cuddle your cat or your dog.

Why not starting early and hug your spouse as the first thing you do in the morning?

If your pet is a fish, you may just want to gently talk to it and broadcast positive energy.

12. Take A Shower

The trick is to make the shower a cold one.

You can also do a combination of hot and cold, which will make your blood run faster.

Taking a shower first thing in the morning may be a standard ingredient in many western cultures, but actually using it as a tool to refresh your body, and not simply for cleansing it on the outside, may not.

Of course, this step goes beautifully with number 4 or number 9 from the list above.

A quick run before it will also do it.

13. Avoid Reading Or Watching The Newsnews property

During the last half of the century, media has changed drastically.

It’s no longer just about news updates.

Nowadays, it create uncertainty, fear, and the desire to make you buy stuff, blindly.

News is nothing more than a stimulator these day, in a continuous battle for rating.

Simply avoid it.

Your day will be far better off without this type of news.

14. Smile

They say smiling is the second best thing you can do with your lips, and I completely agree.

Smiling in the morning will also open your day to more tranquility and potential.sheep-1644146_1920

People smile as a way to show they’re open, they’re relaxed and they’re willing to start interact with you.

So, look at yourself in the mirror and smile.

Now, you have at least 2 weeks of morning routine material in this article.

Pick the ones you like most and start practicing.

Or, even better, take the time to share your tips in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

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For those who have 20 minutes to meditate I would reccomend the 6 Phase meditation from Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mind Valley). This would cover 5 of the above. 3- MEDITATE 5-THINK AT SOMEONE YOU LOVE–INTENTLY 6-THANK SOMEONE FOR SOMETHING 8- ...Read full version

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HI Michael i appreciate the depth of your comments. a little request...sometime i want to print an article for the file or to share with some one BUT the format doesn't allow a clean print unless i am guilty of user error! can this be addressed ...Read full version

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What a fantastic article! I already practice some of these things. I will definitely take on board the other ideas. More people should read this article I will share it amongst my circle of friends. Thank you Michael.

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