If everyone thinks it’s a property bubble, it probably isn’t | Alan Kohler

It’s a question many home owners and property investors are asking. Is there a property bubble, or is a property bubble looming? I’ve been hearing concerns about a property bubble since the market turned in the middle of 2012. And for the year or 2 before that all the property pessimists were saying “sell up your homes” the market…


A plain English explanation of Recency Bias in today’s investment markets- Pete Wargent

So what is recency bias and what does it mean to you as a property investor? I’ve hit you with a fair amount of jargon of late, so today I will look at the role of recency bias in today’s markets, but in plain English. Recency bias is where investors evaluate their portfolio performance based…


Property purchases in 6 easy steps | Mira Stammers

The steps involved in buying a property can often be confusing. Mortgage brokers, banks, real estate agents, buyer’s agents, solicitors…each transaction can involve multiple parties, all with their own goals and ways of working. But they all have one thing in common. They understand how a property transaction works, and with that knowledge comes the…


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