Reserve Bank muses on housing stress | Pete Wargent

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) touches on some interesting points in its latest Financial Stability Review, including the paradox of low interest rates. Household debt-to-income ratios have been flat for the past eight years, but the RBA quite rightly senses a risk that low rates could see this figure busting out to new highs…

June 2013 Property Investment prices

10 things to consider when buying an investment property

With our property markets surging around Australia  there are more people interested in getting into property investment. However if history repeats itself, and it most likely will, while some will develop financial freedom through property, many investors won’t get past their first or second property. So how do you succeed? Where do you start? There…


A surge of singles hits Sydney’s inner suburbs

As a property investment strategist I’m very interested in demographics – how we live and where we live – and how this is changing. In fact I think demographic changes will be more important in shaping our real estate markets over the long term than will the short term influences such as interest rates or…

property house prices

National Property Market Update – Part 5 | Dr Andrew Wilson

Last week on Real Estate Talk we did with around Australia with nine experts giving their take on the national property market. Today we’re finishing off this series of 5 blogs with an overview of what’s happening around Australia from Dr Andrew Wilson, Chief Economist for the Domain group: Kevin:  As you have heard during this…


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