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Not all land is created equal – so buy in the inner suburbs

Fact is: not all land is created equal. Some suburbs will be more popular than others, some areas will have more scarcity than others and over time some land will increase in value more than others. Of course these are the areas property investors should target, as that’s where they’ll get above average capital growth….


Location or type of property – what’s more important for your property investment?

When buying an investment property two of the most important decisions you can make are where to buy and what type of property to choose. So which decision should come first? Some investors choose a specific location and then find a property in that location that meets their budget and criteria. Others will have a…

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Do affordable properties make good investments?

Rising property values are making properties less affordable in some parts of Australia. This has caused some alarmists to sound warnings that our property markets are about to collapse and others commentators are suggesting that investors should consider affordable properties. So…do affordable properties make good investments? Sure more people can buy them, but just because…


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