The Reserve Bank Sees Good Times Ahead For Our Economy & Property – Pete Wargent


The RBA just issued its Statement of Monetary Policy  and the key points included an upgrade in expected economic growth and good news for our property markets.
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11 ways to improve your financial fitness in 2014


Today I’d like to offer a list of simple strategies that can help Australians improve their financial fitness in 2014. 

If done properly, this includes assessing all aspects of personal finances, including strategies to boost retirement investments, such as including property and super, savings, a review of insurance policies, staying ahead of tax obligations and making an effort to improve financial literacy as more and more Australians take more control of planning their financial future. [Read more...]

If China’s economy is slowing, what does that mean for Australia? Pete Wargent

china economy

There has been a lot of reporting about China ‘contracting’ of late, but what does that actually mean?

In terms of the so-called flash PMI reports, a figure of below 50 denotes contraction and a figure of above 50 is expansion.

And last week, the flash PMI figure reported a reading of 49.6 – the first time the gauge has fallen below 50 in 6 months – indicating contraction or ‘shrinking’ factory activity.

But such terms are relative.

The blue bars in the chart below shows the growth rates in China’s industrial production growth figures back to 2008. [Read more...]

Mixed Messages on the Australian Economy


We’re only a few weeks into the year and already there are mixed messages on what’s ahead for the Australian economy in 2014.

Funny isn’t it? As soon a s everything seems to be setting us up for a great year, some bad news crops up, like rising unemployment.

Anyway…here’s ANZ Bank’s take on this week’s economic news: [Read more...]

6 interesting charts from the RBA – Pete Wargent


Each month the RBA release a Chart Pack. Here are six of the more interesting charts for this month: [Read more...]

The roles of fear and greed in our property investment markets- Pete Wargent


We all know that two of the drivers in investment markets (and I’m not just talking about property) are fear and greed.

Today I’d like to give you my take on that… [Read more...]

[video] CommSec Economic Insight: 2013/14 snapshot

Economy 2014

Savanth Sebastian, economist at Commsec gives a good overview of our economy in this 4 minute video and has some good news for investors as he sees a better year ahead for us in 2014, but warns that as the economy improves the RBA could hike rates at the end of the year. [Read more...]

Good end of year news -Australians have never been so wealthy

property market graph

Sure there are problems in the economy, but overall we’re finishing the year in much better shape than we started with the latest figures showing the average wealth of Australians rose substantially, in part because of increased property price sand share prices.

Here’s what Savanth Sebastian, Economist at  CommSec had to say:

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2014 will be a better year for the Australian economy


It’s the time of year where were the economists look forward and make their predictions for the year ahead.

Of course when you look back at the forecasts they made 12 months ago, many were way off the mark. However, Dr Shane Oliver
Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist at AMP Capital has a pretty good track record, so I was interested to read his latest insights

Here’s what he had to say…

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Victorian economy set to benefit from Asian windfall

china economy

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Victoria’s economic strengths will sweep it ahead in the next 20 years according to a report by consultancy firm Deloitte forecasts.

Of course Victoria’s strong economy and population growth have been good for our property markets and now the report predicts that six ”super-sectors” will grow faster than the rest of the global economy positioning Victoria to capture the demand from Asia’s middle class for everything from better food to better education and better returns on its savings. [Read more...]


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