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A further easing of interest rates may be appropriate | Pete Wargent

The Reserve Bank Board Minutes are not always the most interesting read, granted, but this month’s release was a ripper. No need for me to regurgitate the entire announcement here, but there were some fascinating parts. Domestic economic conditions The case for further rate cuts is made early in the domestic economic conditions section, with Australian GDP growth having…

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Why median price growth doesn’t really mean regional makes good property investment | Pete Wargent

Some fascinating studies have been carried out into the human tendency towards confirmation bias. We tend to gather information selectively in order to support our preconceived notions and tend to frame our questions accordingly. I remember an interesting property report released a while ago by CoreLogic which stated that  ”The majority of suburbs that have recorded…

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Household wealth went up in 2015. Did yours? | Pete Wargent

The ABS released its Finance and Wealth data to support the Q3 National Accounts which showed that household wealth increased to new highs at $7,719 billion in September 2014, an interesting contrast to the “technical income recession” reported relating to Australia’s rapidly declining terms of trade.  The main components of household balance sheets were land and dwellings…


The roles of fear and greed in our property investment markets | Pete Wargent

We all know that two of the drivers in investment markets  are fear and greed (and I’m not just talking about property). Today I’d like to give you my take on that… Vices: gambling When I went to work in London as a grad trainee for one the respected and established West End accounting firms, I was immediately…


11 ways to improve your financial fitness in 2015 | Ken Raiss

Today I’d like to offer a list of simple strategies that can help Australians improve their financial fitness in 2015.  If done properly, this includes assessing all aspects of personal finances, including strategies to boost retirement investments, such as including property and super, savings, a review of insurance policies, staying ahead of tax obligations and…

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Murray inquiry not made for a future with fewer banks | Pat McConnell

By Pat McConnell A key component of the Financial System Inquiry handed to Treasurer Joe Hockey this week was that “the financial system should be subject and responsive to market forces, including competition.” But on both market forces and competition, inquiry chair David Murray and his team squibbed it. Much of the discussion of the…


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