Governments and central banks should stop trying to stimulate the economy

In the battle against slow economic growth, perhaps the government and Reserve Bank should try doing nothing and let the economy restore itself, writes… Ross Guest, Griffith University It is surely time for governments around the world, including Australia’s, to remember the first law of holes: if you’re in one, stop digging. Governments have been…

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Shadow banking increases the risk of another global financial crisis

The financial products offered by the shadow banking sector allow investors to be further removed from their investments and banks to escape regulation, increasing the risk in the sector overall. Necmi K Avkiran, The University of Queensland Banks may still be evading increased regulation by shifting activities to shadow banking.  This system is well established…

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11 ways to improve your financial fitness

Today I’d like to offer a list of simple strategies that can help Australians improve their financial fitness.   If done properly, this includes assessing all aspects of personal finances, including strategies to boost retirement investments, such as including property and super, savings, a review of insurance policies, staying ahead of tax obligations and making…


It’s not just the economy, stupid; it’s whether the economy is fair

The people wanted reform but they got excuses, and now populism is winning, writes… Wesley Widmaier, Griffith University Most experts say globalisation spreads wealth, bringing people out of poverty and nations closer together. But right now some politicians and their supporters are arguing it simply increases inequality.  What’s really going on? Our Globalisation backlash series…

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A world with inequality everywhere is a moral and economic threat

The new level of inequality that is emerging in Australia is not only a challenge to our morality but a serious threat to our future economic growth, writes… Thomas Clarke, University of Technology Sydney There is growing evidence that inequality is increasing not only in Australia but internationally within the advanced industrial economies. The age…


Why credit rating agencies’ economic advice shouldn’t be trusted

Credit rating agencies have a poor track record when it comes to evaluating risk, writes… Imad Moosa, RMIT University The Australian government is using warnings from rating agencies like Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings (S&P), which placed Australia on a negative watch during the election, to make the case for passing budget measures.    In…

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