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Jobs growth losing momentum

Jobs growth is slowing. This week’s Labour Force figures for April were superficially reasonable, with total employment rising by +10,800 to a new high of 11,917,200, and the unemployment rate sticking at a 30 month low of 5.7 per cent. That said, the monthly trend result of +4,100 jobs suggests a slowing of momentum, and perhaps…

tired work stress overload hard woman mother job employment upset angry motivation

Unhappy Habits

Did you know that your habits can create happiness or unhappiness? Groundbreaking research done by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky of the University of California’s Riverside Campus, has shined a light on the formula behind happiness. In her research, Dr. Lyubomirsky discovered that 40% of happiness is driven by your habits. So, what habits lead to unhappiness?…


Adults who grew up with this childhood personality trait earn more money now.

Would you believe it? A new study found that people labelled ‘stubborn, defiant rule-breakers’ as children grow up to earn a higher income.   The findings come from research carried out. According to psychologist Dr. Jeremy Dean the study on almost 3,000 children in Luxembourg looked at their intelligence, socioeconomic status and family background, among…

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