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Michael is a director of Metropole Property Strategists who create wealth for their clients through independent, unbiased property advice and advocacy. He's been voted Australia's leading property investment adviser and his opinions are regularly featured in the media. Visit


Here’s what the average Australian spends their money on [infographic]

Australia has once again been voted the wealthiest nation in the world. Have you ever wondered what we spend our money on? According to the ABS the average income of Australia’s 9.3 million households is $145,400. So what are we spending our money on? Made up of wages, investment incomes, welfare payments and the imputed rent value of…

property investment bubble Steve Keen

Hot air can’t bust a housing bubble that doesn’t exist

If I’ve read one story about a possible housing bust in Australia, I’ve read a hundred. Barely a week goes by without another breathless warning from some property pessimist, columnist or overseas economist about a looming price collapse It’s complete nonsense, in my opinion. For starters, there is no national housing market. Prices vary wildly…

property investment bubble Steve Keen

Someone should tell the IMF- there is no property bubble in Australia

By Ross Guest, Griffith University Australia’s house prices are grossly overinflated – if you believe the International Monetary Fund’s recent analysis. It says radical policies are required to deflate this emerging housing bubble, such as a stamp duty on house purchases by foreign residents and government imposed controls on bank lending for housing. The IMF’s…


Home buyer demand holds up on boom in Melbourne Auctions | ANZ Bank

This week’s ANZ Property Market Update discusses the latest auction market results. Here’s what they had to say: The depth of home buyer demand was tested in Melbourne’s auction market, with the most auctions conducted on record in the past week (1,819). Melbourne’s clearance rate held up well (70.6%), reflecting solid home buyer sentiment. Auction…


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