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Vital Signs: Waiting, watching, and holding our breath, the economy is in a holding pattern

The economic news of the week wasn’t that bad – but there’s still plenty of timid types around, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW Australia Vital Signs is a weekly economic wrap from UNSW economics professor and Harvard PhD Richard Holden which aims to contextualise weekly economic events and cut through the noise of the data impacting…

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Do You Recognise These 10 Common Australian Architecture Styles?

Just walk down the street, take a drive through any neighbourhood or research your next property investment. There’s such a  variety of houses we often take their architectural style for granted, never stopping to contemplate why they might look like that. And rarely do we consider that each house actually embodies a little piece of Australian history…

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Can a white face be helpful in a discriminatory housing market?

An experiment compared the experience of Anglo, Indian and Muslim Middle Eastern “renters” looking for housing in Sydney. The research, involving hundreds of properties and found significant differences in how the would-be renters were treated writes… Heather MacDonald, University of Technology Sydney Where you live may be an important factor in the sorts of jobs…