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What are the biggest concerns of the affluent?

What are the biggest concerns of the affluent? A report from Spectrem Group and Vanguard offered some interesting insights into today’s affluent investors in the USA. When asked about their main concerns their answers may at first seem surprising. The top personal concerns of millionaires revolve around health and financial positioning. The health of their spouse is the top concern, followed…


Have you wondered why Melbourne’s property market has outperformed?

Have you wondered why Melbourne’s property market has outperformed? Well…I’m about to explain, and I’ll also tell you why it will continue to do so. One of the fundamental drivers of our property markets is Australia’s strong population growth. And recently the ABS released the latest Australian Demographic Statistics which showed that Melbourne’s population grew…

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Not all land is created equal – so buy in the inner suburbs

Fact is: not all land is created equal. Some suburbs will be more popular than others, some areas will have more scarcity than others and over time some land will increase in value more than others. Of course these are the areas property investors should target, as that’s where they’ll get above average capital growth….


Two big things 90% of investors fail to do

In my experience the two big things most property investors fail to do are: Having a formulated property investment strategy, and Regularly reviewing their property portfolio’s performance. Looking at it this way it should come as no surprise that most investors never get past owning one or two properties. If you don’t really know why…