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By John Lindeman

Your guide to the Housing Market Cup

It’s Melbourne Cup time, but there’s a race of much greater significance to property investors – it’s this year’s Housing Market Cup.

You’ve studied the form, got some tips from mates at work and heard about a lucky few who really cleaned up, but will you be backing the winner of this year’s Housing Market Cup?

horse race

Here’s my call for the big race.

They’re at the starting gates, and there’s plenty of booing and jeering for Reserve Bank and his jockey, Interest Rate Hikes. No wonder - he’s cost the punters a fortune this year.

The West Australian entry, Perth Property Boom has been heavily backed, but it’s been years since he won anything and his jockey East Coast Investor has never ridden him before, so anything could happen.

And they’re off!

House and Land Package missed the start completely and is trying to throw his jockey, Building Costs right out of the saddle.

It’s a wonder the stewards have let him race again, after his terrible recent form.

Long Term Growth is taking forever to get going and her jockey, Buy and Hold already seems content to just see the race out.

The Queensland entry, Greedy Tax Grab has broken down and his jockey, Angry Investor has pulled him right out of the race.

Last year’s winner, First Home Buyer has been in all the news because of the big price his new owners paid for him, but he’s struggling under the weight of his jockey, Massive Mortgage Repayments.

ImageHere comes Renovator, moving up quickly to take the lead, but his jockey, Unexpected Problems looks like he’s been up all night.

He’s obviously a sprinter, not a stayer.

What’s Housing Market Cycle up to?

She’s going around in circles and not making any headway at all.

One of this year’s long shots, Positive Cash Flow is steadily weaving her way through the field under the vigorous riding of her jockey, Huge Rental Shortage.

Horse racing

Could this be a boil-over?

They’re in the back straight and the oldest horse in the race, Downsizer has hit the lead.

He’s done well in regional races like the Byron Bay Cup; he’s all cashed up and looks ready to win.

The distance could be an issue though, as he tends to retire early.

As they round the home turn, here comes Timing the Market.

Her jockey, Clever Investor has spotted an area where the capital growth is much better and taken the lead.

She’s timed her run perfectly, and easily wins the Housing Market Cup for 2023.

We hope your selections are winners.

About John Lindeman John Lindeman has well over a decade of experience researching the nature and dynamics of various types of assets at major data analysts and is a leading property market researcher, author and commentator. For more information visit Lindeman Reports.

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