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John Lindeman is researcher and educator for the 7steps2success on-line property education program. For more information, visit Understand Property.

Always carry a chainsaw, axe and gun

While driving to Burnie airport, we suddenly found ourselves caught in one of those fierce storms that occasionally lash the north-west of Tasmania. The main road was blocked by fallen trees but because our plane was departing in an hour, we decided to try a lesser used road to find a way through. In the…

Build it and they will come

The followers of New Thought philosophy hold that we can actually bring wanted experiences and opportunities our way by feeling and believing that they have already arrived.  In other words, if we engage in a powerful combination of positive thought and belief we will achieve resonance with those experiences and opportunities we desire and “attract”…

What makes housing markets boom

Some experts tell us that property price booms are driven by low unemployment, high population increases and economic growth.   They assure us that these conditions create buyer confidence which leads to increased demand for housing and price growth.  History, however shows us that the housing market has sometimes performed at its best when unemployment…

The product pushers

Is there a product pushing culture in the financial services industry? The current sessions of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry are likely to uncover what most property investors have long  suspected – that there is a product pushing sales culture within the financial planning industry which encourages…

Cashflow booms are coming our way

Many experts and analysts are worried about the apparent oversupply of units in Sydney and Melbourne, but I predict that we are actually heading for an acute shortage of unit rental stock in those cities. Housing obeys the same laws of supply and demand as other commodities and while rental supply is about to decline,…

The Cryptocurrency Craze

As Bitcoin prices boom, new waves of experts are offering us their recently discovered expertise to educate us from being Crypto-confused to Crypto-savvy. They claim that they’ll teach us how to make Bitcoin our new income stream, urging us to attend their webinars, free events, workshops and Bitcoin Bootcamps. Yet, only a year ago many…

A balanced property portfolio delivers the best results

Some investors claim that holding a balanced property investment portfolio is the key to success, believing that you should never keep all your eggs in one basket. This leads to the obvious question – what constitutes a ‘balanced’ portfolio?  The logic of spreading the risk by balancing or diversifying your properties is that if the…

The 18 year real estate clock myth

There’s been a lot of chat lately about the eighteen-year real estate clock.  So much so, that it appears to be turning into an accepted truth about housing market performance. But is there really an eighteen-year clock? The promoters of the eighteen-year cycle claim that Western economies exhibit an 18-year real estate cycle which averages…

Title traps and tips

Housing is considered safe because it’s not a “take it or leave it” type of investment like shares or savings. Whether or not we are property investors, we all need a place to call home and private land ownership satisfies our need for security.   Our right to buy or sell property is given to us…