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John Lindeman is a is the research columnist for API Magazine and chief property consultant at innovative housing market analysts, Property Power Partners. For more information visit Understand Property.

house of cards

The housing affordability 3 card trick that will cause prices to rise

Recently announced Federal and State Government schemes and incentives appear to be focused on making housing more affordable for first home buyers, but they’re just playing the old three card trick on us. Here’s what I mean… First card: Provide generous deposit saving initiatives, buyer grants and Stamp Duty exemptions to first home buyers. Hey presto!…

property investment

What they don’t tell you often matters most

As if it’s not enough having to sift through countless reports, articles, brochures and other media when researching a potential investment location, the real issue for property investors is often what’s been left out. Property project marketers and developers want you to buy their properties so they promote their developments with the best possible gloss…

property cycle

The property investment strategy cycle

There’s been a dramatic increase in the number of so called ‘experts’ hitting my email inbox recently. People I’ve never heard of before, people making unbelievable claims about their ability to help me get rich quick. People whose track record seems consist of a recently created web presence with no credible background whatsoever. Right now,…


Beware of the rental yield trap

Property prices around Australia are starting to stabilise and they have even been declining in some areas. There’s little prospect of any change in the near future as the rate of overseas investment is slowing, the rate of population growth not increasing, interest rates can’t get much lower and governments are not promising any incentives…