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John Lindeman is researcher and educator for the 7steps2success on-line property education program. For more information, visit Understand Property.


The White wallaby properties

Seemingly obvious disadvantages can sometimes turn out to be of immense benefit.   John Lindeman reveals where to find such property investment opportunities, which he calls the “white wallabies” of the property market.   On a recent trip to Tasmania’s Bruny Island we saw a white wallaby beside the road. Naturally, we found this hard…

property cycle

The 18 year real estate clock myth

There’s been a lot of chat lately about the eighteen-year real estate clock.  So much so, that it appears to be turning into an accepted truth about housing market performance. But is there really an eighteen-year clock? The promoters of the eighteen-year cycle claim that Western economies exhibit an 18-year real estate cycle which averages…

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What they don’t tell you often matters most

As if it’s not enough having to sift through countless reports, articles, brochures and other media when researching a potential investment location, the real issue for property investors is often what’s been left out. Property project marketers and developers want you to buy their properties so they promote their developments with the best possible gloss…


Beware of the rental yield trap

Property prices around Australia are starting to stabilise and they have even been declining in some areas. There’s little prospect of any change in the near future as the rate of overseas investment is slowing, the rate of population growth not increasing, interest rates can’t get much lower and governments are not promising any incentives…