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John Lindeman is a is the research columnist for API Magazine and chief property consultant at innovative housing market analysts, Property Power Partners. For more information visit Understand Property.


Each capital city’s housing market performs differently with each having their turn in the sun

In a moment I’ll analyse why, but first… As summer approaches and the weather warms up, we quickly put the wet days of winter behind us and during those hazy January days may even forget all about the cold weather that we experienced only a few months earlier. In the same way, Sydney’s recent high…


How the Greek crisis could affect our housing markets

The Greek debt crisis is unlikely to have any measurable effect on our economy or financial institutions but may provide a welcome boost to certain sections of our housing market precisely when these might be otherwise exposed to risk. The Greek economy is tiny by world standards and although its unserviceable debt is more significant,…


Property expert reveals where he’ll be buying next year- John Lindeman

With capital city house prices rising strongly, a lot of people are asking me where I’ll be buying investment properties next year – and why. It’s common knowledge that capital city housing markets are on the rise, but what’s the point of investing in overheated markets that inevitably cool down. My prediction is that the…