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The council areas with the greatest total value of sales over the past year record a decline relative to a year ago according to CoreLogic. location smart phone mobile area map techonolgy direction lost help guide

This market analysis of total value of transactions provides excellent insights, particularly for real estate and mortgage professionals given commission derived from sales is typically calculated on the value of the sale for agents or the size of the loan for mortgage professionals.

It helps when understanding where the value of transactions is greatest by way of value given that commissions are based these figures.

The following analysis looks at the value of sales across council areas, however the size of the council region will have an impact.

Only regions that have had at least 50 settled sales in both 2015 and 2016 has been included in this analysis.



Brisbane council area recorded the greatest total value of sales over the past year at $16.8 billion however, the value is -11.2% lower over the year. 


As shown in the adjacent tables, the total value of sales over the past year and the previous year for each of the 20 council areas nationally with the greatest value of sales.

Each of the top 20 regions listed have seen fewer overall sales and a lower total value of sales relative to 2015.

The council regions to see the greatest increase in the overall value of sales over the past year included are highlighted in the second of the adjacent charts.

Circular Head in Tasmania saw a 91.6% increase in the value of sales over the past year.

Most of the regions listed have seen an increase in sales over the year, the exceptions have been Circular Head and Wakefield.

This suggests that the increase in value has been more driven by an increase in values of properties rather than an increase in turnover.

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The final table highlights the council regions nationally that have recorded the greatest decline in the total value of sales over the past year. house gold area suburb location property market

Maranoa in Queensland has recorded then greatest decline in the total value of sales over the year, -48.1% lower.

In each of these regions except for Isaac in Queensland, the number of sales is lower over the year which is clearly contributing to the decline in value of sales.

A number of these regions are also linked to the mining and resources sector where home values have fallen substantially over recent years.

These factors are also contributing to the slide in the overall value of sales.


With the turnover of housing stock reducing across the country and fewer homes available for sale, the amount of commission is declining. suburb melbourne city invest area location

One strategy that may help to alleviate this reduction in the commission pool is for industry participants to target those areas where turnover is increasing.

Mortgage professionals need to look more at opportunities in the refinance space, in Sydney and Melbourne in particular, these opportunities should be sufficient given the significant rise in housing equity over recent years.

Another strategy to protect revenue is to improve market share.

We see many businesses tightening the purse strings for marketing and business development, however a contracting market offers up good opportunities to expand market share and increase productivity.



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