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The Impact of Ducted Air Conditioning on Property Value: Insights from Experts

Are ducted air conditioning systems worth more than you thought?

We're here to sort out the facts and the possibilities.

So, can air con affect the sale price?

Let's shelve the perplexity and dive in.

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Understanding Ducted Air Conditioning

To kick things off, it's essential to have an idea of a ducted air conditioning system, or simply ducted air con.

In contrast to split systems, a ducted system functions via an array of ducts that circulate cooled or heated air—based on the season and your preferred temperature—throughout the whole residence.

This air conditioning system guarantees a consistent and comfortable temperature in every corner of your home.

The operation is controlled by a central unit, usually tucked away in the roof space — out of sight but seriously effective.

Now, you might reckon an elegant feature that discretely elevates indoor air quality and maintains the desired temperature of your home at a comfortable temperature should surely boost property value... or does it?

Interior Ducted Conditioner

How Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Can Affect Property Value

Ducted air conditioning can affect property value in various ways.

Some experts contend its impact is highly dependent on the location and preferences of potential buyers or tenants.


Ducted air conditioning systems significantly enhance comfort levels by maintaining a consistent temperature across all areas of the entire house.

However, Australian property investor and mentor Orsolya Bartalis suggests that while a ducted air conditioning system increases comfort, it may not necessarily increase property value.

Its hidden installation might not immediately register as a selling point for potential buyers who are naturally drawn to visible upgrades.

Indoor Air Quality

Ducted air conditioning systems can improve indoor air quality.

They filter the air as it circulates, removing airborne particles like dust and allergens.

Clean Air

This feature can enhance the healthiness and comfort of the living environment, which can be a strong selling factor, especially for buyers with health or allergy concerns.

Energy Efficiency

Ducted systems are recognised for their energy efficiency.

They use a central unit cooled air, to distribute cool or warm air throughout the property, which can be more energy-efficient than running multiple air conditioners in different rooms.

Buyers who prioritise sustainable living and are mindful of their future energy costs might find a property with a ducted system more appealing.

Aesthetic Appeal

Unlike other types of air conditioners, ducted heating and cooling systems are less visually intrusive, offering a clean aesthetic.

Grant Germon posits that the superior visual appeal of ducted air conditioning systems is a significant factor.

Potential buyers or tenants might be swayed by the less intrusive installation of ducted systems as there are no visible units on the walls, maintaining the property's visual integrity.

However, it's important to note that the effects of ducted air conditioning on property value are often subject to individual preferences and the property's location.

Places with generally hotter climates might value ducted air conditioning more significantly than regions with cooler, more temperate weather.

Therefore, as an owner considering the installation of a ducted system, seeking professional advice tailored to your property and its locale would be beneficial.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning and Property Value: The Verdict

Here's the revelation: while a ducted system does add value to your home, it doesn't necessarily mean your property will sell at a higher rate.

Sounds confusing?

Here's a breakdown:

The influence of ducted air conditioning on your home's selling price may not be as straightforward or predictable as one might initially believe.

According to property investor and mentor Orsolya Bartalis,

If you can't see a feature, it's unlikely to boost your return on investment.

Essentially, while a ducted air conditioner can increase comfort, it might not be a critical selling feature.

Property agent and CEO Craig Heppell supported Bartalis's claims, stating that although ducted air conditioners and other forms of HVAC systems are essential in most Australian climates, they did not necessarily increase property value.

Does Rental Value Benefit from Ducted Systems?

Just as you may be reconsidering the value of investing in a ducted air con as a worthwhile investment, let's consider its impact from a rental standpoint.

You might be asking:

How can ducted air conditioning enhance a property's rental income?

As it turns out, it can indeed make a noticeable difference.

This impact on rental value can be particularly appealing to landlords.

It becomes even more significant for properties located in regions of Australia that experience both high heat and severe cold, where regulated indoor temperatures can be a decisive factor for potential tenants.

The ducted air conditioning increase in a property's value can also be attributed to its energy efficiency and appealing aesthetic, which many potential buyers and tenants find desirable.

Just remember, while ducted air conditioning can make a bungalow irresistible during an open house on a hot summer day, it's not a one-way ticket to jacking up the price capriciously, as rental price is largely determined by market conditions.

Air Conditioning

Where the Professionals Come In

With all the complexity around the subject of warm and cool air now, it's easy to get your wires crossed.

That's where the right professionals, like a dedicated air conditioning technician in Adelaide, can make a difference.

Acting on professional advice will help decide whether the addition of a ducted air conditioning system or its regular maintenance is worth it based on factors unique to your property and market conditions.

So, from installation to regular upkeep, always trust the pros.

Keep in mind, that a house is more than bricks and mortar; it's a haven.

Any feature that adds to the comfort of residents is worth considering, and the ducted air con ticks that box nicely.

Just remember, every buyer or tenant is different, and the impact of ducted air conditioning might vary.

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