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The Good & Bad Habits of the World’s Smartest People [ infographic] - featured image
By Michael Yardney

The Good & Bad Habits of the World’s Smartest People [ infographic]

Whether it's property investors, business people or entrepreneurs, the most successful people seem to have similar habits - both good and bad.

So if you want to be successful find a great mentor and emulate their good habits and try not to develop their bad habits?

By the don't have to be a genius to act like one.

So why not pick up some of these habits of people with high IQs from this video and the following infographic  provided by On Line PhD's.

Courtesy: Entrepreneur

Habits Worlds Smartest People

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Which iq test did Beethoven take??? Just bs

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Interesting. Looks like high IQ can be a blessing and a curse. A growth mindset is probably more important than being smart or dumb. Focussing the mind on a vision and following through with action is probably more worthwhile than just being clever.

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