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Is Australia’s housing market in its weakest condition since the Global Financial Crisis?

CoreLogic November hedonic home value index results confirms that national dwelling values slipped by 0.7% over the month, led by Sydney where the drop was double the national average. Headlining the November results, the CoreLogic hedonic home value index recorded its weakest month-on-month change in dwelling values since the Global Financial Crisis; national dwelling values…

How APRA's regulatory measure are affecting the Property market

In December 2014, APRA made the first moves to tighten up the mortgage lending industry to deliberately slow a market that it judged to be overheated. These ‘macroprudential’ measures did not include any hard policy changes, but were instead aimed at highlighting areas they would supervise more tightly. In particular, they were interested in keeping lending to property investors…

There's no such thing as "Too hot"

How many times have you heard the following clichés used to describe a property market? “Too hot” “Overheated” There’s no such thing – depending on how you interpret these “temperature” metaphors. I’ll explain why, but first we need to… Define terms What defines a market as hot? Is it: a) Prices have recently risen faster…