Ask Michael Anything [video] - What strategy to use when bidding at auction?

What’s the best auction strategy? In this video series I answer your questions and this week watch I discuss my strategy to bidding at auction. This week’s question:  Hi Michael –  I’m looking to buy a property at auction and wanted to know the best bidding strategy. I’ve heard conflicting idea, some say I that should bid contently from…

5 ways to win at auction

In his column for Switzer, John McGrath discusses the bets ways to win at auction.  Here’s what he had to say: This Saturday (February 18) and next Saturday (February 25) are shaping up to be very big auction days in Sydney.  Given the shortage of stock throughout 2016, competition among bidders was particularly fierce across the city…

4 Tips for winning in today’s auction markets

Bidding at property auctions can be stressful, there is no doubt about it. If you’re inexperienced, emotionally attached to a property or not sure how to bid, then you’re likely to feel intimidated. But here’s the thing…auctions are here to stay, especially in our capital city markets and if you avoid them you’ll miss out…

John McGrath gives 6 tips for buying well at auction

An auction can be unnerving for even the most experienced buyers. And the auction market is in full swing again, even though things will be quieter this year than the frenetic pace we experienced in 2015 If you’re looking at buying at auction here are 6 helpful tips given last year by John McGrath in his column…

Property Investors: How to buy and sell at auction

Auctions are increasing in volume and more investors are likely to find themselves bidding to buy good properties. Here are some tips for property investors when buying and selling at auction. Tips for buying an investment property at auction: Research the property, area, market (what is sold & for sale) Attend auctions in the area…

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