Britain’s ‘Bregret’ offers timely lessons for Australian voters this weekend

The populist appeal of simplistic answers to complex solutions is a challenge for political leaders. There are times when expertise and experience must prevail over the popular mood of the moment, writes Mark Chou, Australian Catholic University and Michael Ondaatje, Australian Catholic University  This article is part of the Democracy Futures series, a joint global…

Australian Consumer Confidence remains upbeat despite 'Brexit' jitters

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence declined 1.7% to 116.8 this week, only partially offsetting the rise the previous week. Despite the turmoil in global financial markets – driven by the surprise result in the UK referendum – households remain optimistic about their finances and the economic outlook. Last week’s easing in confidence was largely driven by…

Brexit wins - implications for the world, Australia, and investors

Friday’s decision by Britain to leave the European Union has sparked shock, disbelief and fear. The biggest question on everyone’s minds is how does this affect the rest of the world? That is the question discussed by Dr. Shane Oliver, chief economist of AMP Capital, in his recent Oliver’s Insight. Here’s what he had to say:  In a…

Brexit stage right: what Britain’s decision to leave the EU means for Australia

Given Australia’s strong and enduring ties with both the UK and the EU, the shockwaves from Brexit will be felt in Australia soon enough, writes… Ben Wellings, Monash University Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has opened a fundamental crack in the western world. Australia’s relationship with the United Kingdom is grounded in the…

Brexit rocks Australian sharemarket, worse to come {podcast}

Financial markets appear to have been caught off-guard by Britain’s decision to exit the European Union, believing it would remain, writes.. Jenni Henderson, The Conversation Professor Richard Holden talks about the economic impact of Brexit. Listen to the podcast: The UK has voted to leave the European Union but even before all the votes were…

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