The race to be Australia’s biggest capital — who will win?

Melbourne or Sydney – who will win the race to be Australia’s number 1 capital city?

As long as I remember there’s been rivalry between our two super star cities which, interesting, are each bigger than every city in the USA other than New York.

Currently the population of Sydney is around 5,030,000 and that of Melbourne is 4,725,316, but Melbourne is catching up fast

Here’s some background

Melbourne was the last of the mainland state capitals to be settled in 1836, then usurped Sydney as Australia’s biggest city in the gold rush days of the 1850s. Melbourne-vs-Sydney

By Federation both cities were about the same size: half a million people each.

But by the end of the 20th century Sydney took the lead with 600,000 more people.

However, in the 21st century Melbourne has overturned 100 years of demographic history and, currently growing at around 2.6% per annum, is set to change the balance of Australia’s largest cities, de-throning Sydney as the nation’s most populous capital city.

What’s ahead


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Rita Thomas


is a Property Strategist with an accounting background and over 30 years’ Commercial Banking experience. She is a passionate property investor who enjoys helping her clients create wealth through property investment using Metropole’s strategic approach.
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'The race to be Australia’s biggest capital — who will win?' have 5 comments


    May 30, 2018 Darren

    Where is this comment about US cities coming from? Wikipedia has this to say about Los Angeles….”As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Statistical Area had a population of nearly 13 million residents.”
    Please elaborate…..thanks Darren.



    May 29, 2018 Benjamin Loveday

    There are about 8 cities in the USA that are bigger than Melbourne and Sydney (inclusive of metro areas).


      Michael Yardney

      May 29, 2018 Michael Yardney

      Benjamin – we’re talking about population size – not physical size


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