[Podcast] Olympic Endeavours: Seizing the Once in a Lifetime Opportunity in South East Queensland, with Simon Kuestenmacher

[Podcast] Olympic Endeavours: Seizing the Once in a Lifetime Opportunity in South East Queensland, with Simon Kuestenmacher

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Welcome to today's show where leading demographer Simon Kuestenmacher and I explore the potential for Olympic-driven growth in the lead-up to the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games. My Podcast 458 About Brisbane Olympics With Simon Kuestenmacher 01

As history has shown us, the Olympics can serve as a catalyst for urban development and long-lasting change, turning South East Queensland into a highly connected and liveable region.

However, with Australia grappling with an approximately 20-year infrastructure backlog, the challenge of balancing this new development with the needs of a growing population is ever-present.

In today’s show, we'll delve into the importance of timely infrastructure development, learning from the success stories of Olympic host cities like Barcelona and Munich, and exploring the ambitious vision for SEQ as a thriving, interconnected megacity.

We will also discuss the challenges that SEQ faces and the future of this dynamic and evolving region.

If you live in Queensland this information will be vital for you, and of course, as a property investor, it will be important to understand these things if you have any interest in investing in Brisbane, Australia’s new world city.

Olympic opportunities coming to Southeast Queensland.

Currently, Southeast Queensland has the brightest future in Australia.

Why? queensland brisbane city water sky QLD map state capital australia

The coming Olympic games give the area the opportunity to implement much-needed infrastructure and create opportunities for growth and development – if we don’t squander those opportunities.

It’s the only region in Australia that stands a chance of getting all the infrastructure it needs, but that infrastructure is linked to the Olympics.

It needs to be ready for the event and that chance can’t be allowed to pass by.

At present, it’s estimated that there’s a 20-year backlog in infrastructure to make Melbourne and Sydney function at an ideal capacity.

If all four hubs of Southeast Queensland were connected, it would be the best-connected urban settlement in Australia.

It’s time to learn lessons from other cities that have hosted the Olympics, both those that have succeeded and those that have failed.

Barcelona and Munich are the best examples of successes due to the Olympics that should be emulated.

It’s also important to remember that it’s more expensive to retrofit than it is to build with a long-term plan in mind in the first place.

Additionally, politicians will need to be willing to invest in a place with fewer constituents – for now – with an eye to longer-term growth.

More people coming in means more infrastructure of all kinds will be needed. Rail Queensland Roads

While it’s forecasted that the number of children will stagnate over the next 10 years, changing settlement patterns show that schools will be needed to be closed in some areas and new ones opened in others.

Meanwhile, the aged population will grow significantly.

This will result in a need for more aged care, but also for revamping the cities to make them more livable for seniors and enable them to stay independent for longer.

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Michael Yardney

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Simon Kuestenmacher - Director of The Demographics Group

Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“We’re building a metro here in Melbourne and they’re doing it in Sydney as well.” – Michael Yardney

“I guess the other infrastructure is we’re going to need more aged care as we’re aging.” – Michael Yardney

“In general, people fall into one of two groups: those who make excuses and those who don’t.” –Michael Yardney


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