[Podcast] Learn how to be a top negotiator, influencer and persuader, from the person who wrote the book | Summer Series

[Podcast] Learn how to be a top negotiator, influencer and persuader, from the person who wrote the book | Summer Series

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If you’re a poor negotiator, you’re going to spend a fortune, if you’re a good negotiator, you’ll save a fortune, if you’re a great negotiator, hopefully you’ll make a fortune.

Success in life depends upon your ability to influence. And I’ve just recently had my 9th book published - Negotiate, Influence, Persuade. My Podcast #226 Learn How To Be A Power Negotiator

In today’s podcast, Mark Creedon has a chat with me and I share some tips from my book.

Now if you think about it, life is one long negotiation.

Either you’re buying what somebody else is telling you or selling you, or they’re buying what you’re saying.

And you negotiate all day in your life, with your spouse, your children, your work colleagues, your customers, and your clients.

At the end of today’s show, I hope you’re going to know some negotiating rules and you’re going to be a better influencer and more persuasive.

Some of the topics we discuss in today’s episode:

  • Why negotiation is so important
    • Whether you realize it or not, you’re negotiating all of the time, not just in business, but in life.
    • You need to know more than just negotiating techniques.
      • You need to know how to communicate with people, how to do it in different ways, such as digitally, and how to ethically influence and persuade people.
    • How to Negotiate, Influence, Persuade is about more than just negotiation
      • The book isn’t just for salespeople, it’s also for consumers because we all negotiate every day. The book is meant to help readers get the best deal whether they’re buying or selling.
      • Further, the book is meant to help readers get what they want when they want while still maintaining good relationships.
        • It includes a theme of using negotiating skills in an ethical way
      • The book includes 27 rules of negotiation. These are three of them
        • Everything’s negotiable. That doesn’t mean you’re always going to get what you want, but it means that the potential for negotiation is always there.
        • You should know what you want before you negotiate. Know what the highest price you’ll be willing to pay is, or the lowest price you’re willing to sell for
        • Treat negotiation as a game. If you’re too emotionally involved, you’ll lose perspective
      • You often hear that you should never be the one to make the first offer
        • Actually, people who make the first offer actually usually have the upper hand.
      • How important preparation is in negotiation chess-game-leader-investment-strategy-win-success-negotiate
        • It’s important to know what you’ll be willing to pay or accept
        • It’s also necessary to understand the other person and what they’re trying to achieve.
      • Why building rapport is such an important part of the negotiating process
        • 95% of persuasion occurs at the subconscious level
      • Some of the different types of bias in a negotiation:
        • Cognitive bias
        • Anchoring bias
        • Bandwagon bias
      • We don’t always realize how much we negotiate. You’re negotiating when you’re trying to get the best table at the restaurant, decide who will take out the trash, or determine what to watch on TV
      • 3 sources of power in negotiation:
        • Time power
        • Information power
        • Alternative options power

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Some of our favourite quotes from the show:  Agreement 2679506 1920

“If you’re a poor negotiator, you’re going to spend a fortune, if you’re a good negotiator, you’ll save a fortune, if you’re a great negotiator, hopefully, you’ll make a fortune.” – Michael Yardney

“In my mind to become a power negotiator, you need to understand human psychology, human nature.” – Michael Yardney

“If you want to become a better negotiator, you’re going to have to understand how the mind works, yours and the prospect’s mind.” – Michael Yardney


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