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By Michael Yardney

Weekend reads – Must read articles from the last week

There are more interesting articles, commentaries and analyst reports on the Web every week than anyone could read in a month.

Each Saturday morning I like to share some of the ones I’ve read during the week.

The weekend will be over before you know it, so enjoy some interesting reading.

The regions with the largest annual home price growth

This article from  gives interesting information and insights.

National home prices have risen for the sixth consecutive month following a decline in the latter half of 2022.

However, in some regions, prices have not wavered in the past year, growing by as much as a tenth in value.

According to PropTrack's June Home Price Index, prices rose by 0.31%.

This brings the cumulative increase to 2.3% year-to-date.

Although national prices are still slightly below peak and June 2022 levels, they are recovering despite the sharp rise in interest rates, and a few factors seem to be supporting their upturn.

Regions with the largest year-on-year growth in house prices

Source: PropTrack. Compares PropTrack's Home Price Index at June 2022 and June 2023.
SA4 region State Annual growth in house prices
Bunbury WA 10.0%
Barossa - Yorke - Mid North SA 10.0%
South Australia - South East SA 8.8%
South Australia - Outback SA 8.8%
Mandurah WA 8.5%
Perth - South West WA 8.2%
Toowoomba QLD 7.9%
Adelaide - North SA 7.9%
Darling Downs - Maranoa QLD 7.3%
Perth - North East WA 7.1%

Regions with the largest year-on-year growth in unit prices

SA4 region State Annual growth in unit prices
Adelaide - North SA 10.5%
Cairns QLD 10.4%
Toowoomba QLD 9.6%
Adelaide - South SA 9.5%
Logan - Beaudesert QLD 9.4%
Adelaide - West SA 9.3%
Gold Coast QLD 7.3%
Ipswich QLD 6.7%
Bunbury WA 6.0%
Brisbane - East QLD 5.9%
Read the full article here.

Is it cheaper to buy a house at auction or make an offer before?

This article from Sydney Morning Herald gives helpful insights and information.

Read the full article here

High-paying Aussie jobs that don't require a degree

This article from Yahoo Finance provides some helpful information and insights:

With the cost-of-living crisis putting pressure on Aussie households, many may be looking for a bigger paycheque.

But many of the highest-paying Aussie jobs require many years at university, which also means a big fat HECS/HELP debt.

Air traffic controllers were some of the highest-paid Aussies, earning an average $149,580 per year. Train controllers earned an average salary of $138,633.

Insurance investigators, loss adjusters or risk surveyors earned, on average, $136,914 per year.

Driller, miner or shot firer in the coal-mining industry brought in an average salary of $128,486 every year, while those who do blasting work in mines brought in $121,314 per year.


Read the full article here

Wealthiest people in Australia

This article from CEO World Magazine provides some helpful information:

As of July 07, 2023, Gina Rinehart was the wealthiest person in Australia, with an estimated net worth of 27.2 billion U.S. dollars, followed by Andrew Forrest (No. 2, $19.9 billion), Harry Triguboff (No. 3, $15.5 billion); and Mike Cannon-Brookes (No. 4, $11.4 billion).

Scott Farquhar is the fifth-richest person in Australia, with a whopping $10.7 billion.

Anthony Pratt ranked 6th with a personal wealth of $10.6 billion, followed by Richard White with $6.5 billion.

Frank Lowy is placed 8th with a net worth of $6.0 billion.

Kerry Stokes ($4.1 billion) occupied the 9th position among Australia’s top 10 wealthiest people.

Wealthy Handsome Entrepreneur With Suitcase Walkin

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How do I stop my mind racing and get some sleep?

This article from The Conversation provides some helpful information:

In bed, with no other visual or sound cues to occupy the mind, many people start to have racing thoughts that keep them awake.

This can happen at the start of the night, or when they awake in the night.

  • Re-learn to associate bed with sleep
  • Distract yourself with fond thoughts
  • Relax into sleep
  • Worry earlier in the day
  • Know waking in the night is normal

Sleep Optimism

Read the full article here

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