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Here's the big difference between the rich and the average Australian

What the big secret why the rich are rich? Many have studied this topic and written about it. Napoleon Hill wrote about the “16 laws of success” after studying wealthy people for 20 years in his  classic book published in 1937, “Think and Grow Rich,”  Tom Corley studied the rich and the poor for 5…

Should you give up or keep going?

We all know that persevering is the key to success.   In fact, it’s been the take-home message of many of my success blogs. I write a lot about the importance of digging in when the chips are down, of persevering when you feel like downing tools and going home.  They’re important traits and many successful…

3 reasons why ideas are over-rated

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy learning about how some of our best modern inventions came about.   It’s always interesting to read about who invented the great pieces of technology and how they used their problem solving skills.  One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of these inventors is that their achievement seems secondary…

Ask the Expert [Video] - Are trusts the right vehicle for your property?

Setting up a trust can both protect your property and keep it in the family. But how do you know which trust is right for you? Watch as Ken Raiss and I discuss the benefit if a family trust when it comes to protecting your investment property. This week’s questions:  I read that successful investors control…

Melbourne's apartments — quality vs. rentability

Be careful when buying an apartment in Melbourne.  Melbourne has to house almost 100,000 new residents each year, and with housing affordability top of mind in Australia’s largest cities, we have seen an influx of apartment developments rising up in place of traditional housing. While investors remain interested in reasonably priced property and low vacancy rates,…

How to turn your weaknesses into strengths

Many people think that in order to be successful they need to be perfect — perfect at business, perfect at the gym, and perfect when socialising with friends. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case, and there’s no need to place that much pressure on yourself.  As I’ve written before, determination and persistence are…

How to tell a good idea from a bad one

I love a good idea. I also love hearing other people’s good ideas and then watching them take shape. Throughout my career, I’ve had many people come up to talk to me about their great ideas. Now, as you probably have guessed, I didn’t necessarily agree with them that their idea was great, or would even…

Why you can’t be successful on your own

I’ve worked with quite a few self-made men and women over the years. These are the people who have impressed me with their level-headed approach to wealth and achieving success. They walk the walk and not just talk the talk, and it shows in their achievements. Very often these people come in pairs. What do…