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How important is timing the property markets?

Is it too late to get into this property cycle? Some of our property markets have performed strongly for a few years,  leaving many investors wondering is it too late this time round. I understand why they’re thinking this way. They wonder if they’ve missed the boat this property cycle. It’s partly because it’s often…

The most important lesson to teach your children about money

We live in a world of consumption, where people seek immediate gratification with the latest and greatest gadgets and products as soon as they hit the shelves. Think about Apple and the ridiculously long line of people who queue for their updated iPhones!   When it comes to money management and becoming rich, though, patience and…

The one key to success you’re probably overlooking

We all think we know the secret to longevity and good mental health. Spend time with our families, work hard to earn a good wage, eat fresh food and exercise regularly. But I’d like to add one very important habit that is, nine times out of ten, overlooked by most people. Sleep – Letting the body…

Should you give up or keep going?

We all know that persevering is the key to success.   In fact, it’s been the take-home message of many of my success blogs. I write a lot about the importance of digging in when the chips are down, of persevering when you feel like downing tools and going home.  They’re important traits and many successful…

Where will house prices be 25 years from now?

While most real estate investors worry about the value of their properties today, particularly in light of our flat and falling property markets, in my mind a much better question is “where will property prices be 25 years from now?” And the good news is that, believe it or not, the median house price in Sydney could be over…