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Latest property price forecasts for 2022 revealed. What's ahead in our housing markets in the next year or two?

What’s the outlook for the Australian property markets for 2022 and beyond? This is a common question people are asking now that the housing market has transitioned from an upswing generally characterised by a strong and broad-based rise across the regions of Australia, to one best described as multi-speed. At one end of the spectrum…

Top 10 Common Habits of High Achievers | Rich Habits, Poor Habits [VIDEO]

High Achievers are people who achieve some level of greatness in life. They might be successful entrepreneurs, professional athletes, Olympians, famous writers/authors, painters, engineers, singers, prominent religious figures, etc. Essentially, they are individuals who, through their actions, achieve greatness. And these high achievers all share certain common habits. Relying on my vast stores of knowledge…

5 Reasons you’re not rich yet (and it has nothing to do with money).

Many people blame a lack of available money in their bank account for their financial problems. It makes sense doesn’t it? Money is the fundamental component of material wealth. But, the lack of money is not the problem. It’s merely the manifestation of a number of bad habits and bad beliefs that hold people back…

Confidence plunges amid soaring inflation expectations

How confident are you about your future? The world’s Geopolitical problems and local issues such as inflation, the specter of rising interest rates, and our local floods have made people feel less secure. In fact, consumer confidence plunged 4.8% last week, falling to its lowest level since early September 2020. ANZ Bank report that confidence…

So you’ve just made a big mistake. Here’s what to do

Turn on the news and you’ll see plenty of people in hot water over mistakes they’ve made. There are some pretty powerful people out there, I’m sure you’ll agree, who make expensive and damaging errors every day. Now, I’m not saying that’s OK or that they shouldn’t take responsibility for what’s happened. But my point…

How to get started in property development

Have you ever wondered how you get started in property development? I’ve recently noticed a trend in budding developers – they are looking for an overview of the property development process and they want it in a simple and accessible way. It’s probably in part because many of the property markets around Australia are flat or…

Turning your goals into Rich Habits | Rich Habits, Poor Habits [VIDEO]

Are you looking to become more successful? Do you want to become rich, or a better property investor or entrepreneur? Well it may not be that easy – most who pursue goals never achieve them. According to a University of Scranton study, only 8% achieve their goals. Why? Because in order to achieve your goals you must…

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