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Beware of the new breed of property experts

It seems we have become a nation of “experts.” Just check your inbox or turn on the television and there they are.  Experts on politics who have never run a business, let alone a country. Experts on football, even though they couldn’t run from one side of the field to the other. Experts on celebrity…

Do you really understand what productive debt is?

Do you know the difference between productive and unproductive debt? In my experience, too many people have too much unproductive debt, and not enough debt that actually works for them productively to increase their wealth over time. The debt equation  I had a conversation with someone recently who was considering paying off their home loan…

So you’ve just made a big mistake. Here’s what to do

Turn on the news and you’ll see plenty of people in hot water over mistakes they’ve made. There are some pretty powerful people out there, I’m sure you’ll agree, who make expensive and damaging errors every day. Now, I’m not saying that’s OK or that they shouldn’t take responsibility for what’s happened. But my point…

5 benefits of using a buyer's agent

Buying real estate is a big deal.  Regardless of how well you think you know the market or how extensively you’ve researched, every property you settle is a massive milestone.  That doesn’t mean every deal should be celebrated, however. We all make mistakes from time to time, and when it comes to property investing, your…

7 tips to building wealth in the current economic climate

We live in an interesting world don’t we? Particularly if you’re an investor. Every time the world’s economic woes seem to have sorted themselves out, or we think Australia’s economy is on the move again or we feel Australia’s property markets seem to be steaming along nicely, a new set of challenges pop up for…

Top 10 Common Habits of High Achievers | Rich Habits, Poor Habits [VIDEO]

High Achievers are people who achieve some level of greatness in life. They might be successful entrepreneurs, professional athletes, Olympians, famous writers/authors, painters, engineers, singers, prominent religious figures, etc. Essentially, they are individuals who, through their actions, achieve greatness. And these high achievers all share certain common habits. Relying on my vast stores of knowledge…

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