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Australia’s Top 10 Lifestyle Suburbs

What are the top lifestyle suburbs in Australia?

Brisbane SuburbbWhile Melbourne has been voted the world’s most liveable city for the last 7 years,

Brisbane is home to seven of the 10 best lifestyle suburbs according to

For the purposes of their analysis, suburbs were ranked based on a number of factors including proximity to the beach or a river, schools, parks, plus transit and drive times to the nearest CBD. but CBD areas were ruled out of the analysis.

So here’s their top 10 list of lifestyle suburbs:

1. St Kilda West, Melbourne 

This small beachside suburb is close to the water and the CBD  all residents close proximity to parklands and education facilities, and 100% of residents have parklands within 500m of their front doors.

2. South Brisbane, Brisbane

Located on the banks of the Brisbane River, South Brisbane which was the home of Brisbane’s World Expo in the 80’s is directly connected to the central business district by a number of bridges — a short nine-minute drive by car and 11 minutes using public transport.

96% of residents have education facilities within close proximity, and 65% have parklands within easy reach.

3. Dutton Park, Brisbane

The predominantly residential suburb of Dutton Park is a small riverside suburb located four kilometers east of Brisbane’s CBD and 88% of residents have education facilities within easy reach and 61% of homes are near a park.

4. Spring Hill, Brisbane  

This inner suburb Spring Hill is located just two kilometres from the Brisbane CBD. South Brisbane

76% of residents have education facilities nearby and 79% have parks within easy reach.

5. Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

In Kangaroo Point 89% of residents live within close proximity to a park, and 41% of residents have education facilities nearby.

6. Corinda, Brisbane

Corinda is located just under nine kilometers south-west of the Brisbane CBD and 84% of residents have a park near their home and 86% have education facilities in close proximity.

7. Albert Park, Melbourne

Located three kilometers south of Melbourne’s CBD  Albert Park is characterised by Victorian-era architecture and abundant greenspace, and 73% of Albert Park residents are within easy reach of schools, and parks are within easy reach for 87% of residents.

Indooroopilly Brisbane8. Indooroopilly, Brisbane, Queensland

Riverside suburb Indooroopilly is located seven kilometres west of the Brisbane CBD  and is  known for its shopping centres, golf courses and expansive parklands, 91% of Indooroopilly of residents have parks within easy reach of their doorsteps, and 42% are near education facilities.

9. Port Melbourne, Melbourne

Located five kilometers from Melbourne’s CBD, the old industrial suburb of Port Melbourne is now characterised by many new apartment complexes

In Port Melbourne, 100% of residents have parklands within close proximity and 51% of residents have education facilities nearby.

10. Fortitude Valley

“The Valley” is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, cafe culture and the Chinatown mall.

The median house price is $1,087,500 and the median unit price is $415,000.


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